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27 October 2014 @ 03:34 pm
so, today i was on twitter and i saw tweets about how Shori and Kento would have jacket covers where they are the center for the different editions of the new single, and Fuma wasn't going to have one. so what the heck is that all about? first you take out Marius and Sou, and now Fuma is your next target, Iijima?

this is just totally my speculation on why this decision was made, but i think it is very likely that Fuma probably spoke up about the situation, because that's the type of person that he is, and this is probably a punishment from the higher ups. i just don't get it. it must be very frustrating because i know for one thing that Fuma had accepted during their debut that they were to keep going on this journey with these five members and not be half-assed about it. they all think about each other a lot, and Fuma thinks about the group more than anyone. as for the rest of them, i'm sure they're a bit afraid to speak up about this whole situation because their careers are at risk here, and i don't blame them either. i feel like they're using Fuma as an example for what happens to those who try to against them.

i want to flip some freaking tables. he must be feeling so frustrated because he wants to do something about all of this, and i'm sure all of them do, but to not be able to protect his teammates must be so hard on him, and to have to face something like this when they didn't even do anything wrong at all is just upsetting. seeing all this is just making it seem like JE can very potentially turn into something like SM Entertainment if they keep this up. wonderful guys with so much talent, so much to offer, and yet they aren't allowed to have their own voices heard on what they want to do for their group mates or else they face unreasonable consequences if they do. it's all so messed up. i don't get why Johnny-san himself won't step in because Iijima is literally messing up a perfect group that he had created. they were fine the way they were at debut.

and to use dirty tactics to make the CD sell well by holding a 3rd year anniversary event with all 5 members where you can only get a ticket to it if you buy the single is just way too low to stoop. don't you guys have any pride, oh dear management of Johnny's Entertainment? if you know you're gonna be getting shitty sales because you outcasted 2 members, then the right thing to do would be to bring them back in. all of this Sexy Family shit wasn't going all too well was it? if you know then you gotta change things. fans ain't gonna be putting up with your shit for that long either if you guys keep it up.

i'm so pissed off at Johnny's management right now. i'm always pissed off at them actually. they produce good groups but sometimes they make dumb decisions like this. president Johnny-san, please do something to fix all of this. fans are not happy right now. 
26 October 2014 @ 06:16 pm
okay, i'm trying to upload the very last episode of Kinkyori Renai~Season Zero~ right  now, but i think i can finally go ahead and write up my thoughts on this drama.

usually, i'm not into romance dramas that much, but i have to say that this drama has become one of my favorite ones out of all of the half-time Jr. dramas that have been done in this time slot.

to be very honest, i only took up subbing this drama because i heard that Aran and Kishi were going to be the leads, and i was expecting it to turn out like Sprout, which i actually got kind of bored with half-way through. but Kinkyori Renai wasn't like that at all, and so many moments in this drama tugged on my heart and i could feel the pain from the characters. i would have liked there to be more background explaining what happened with each of the main characters, like Mirei's conflict with her family, Haruka's dad's suicide, and Kanata's bullying, but i guess it wasn't super necessary since it's not really that important to affect the love story here. otherwise, you could really see the chemistry in the three characters, and the acting was very convincing.

this was a piece where subtle expressions were really important to portray the feelings of the characters, and i think all of the leads did a great job, especially Aran and Kishi. i'm not even saying that out of bias either. those two have etched their characters into my heart, and it gives me those bittersweet memories of the drama whenever i see them outside of the drama now. i always think of Haruka and Kanata when i see the two of them.

as far as acting goes, i want to give the award to Aran, but Kishi was really good too, so i'll give it to both of them xD Aran, we've seen him in SHARK 2 as Aruto, the super bratty, arrogant vocalist of Cloud5 who gets ticked off at people easily and yelled at people all the time, but here, his character was very different. he was more of the cooler character here, although Haruka lets loose only around Mirei and Kanata, but i think he portrayed Haruka really well, and you can tell when Haruka is in emotional turmoil through the expressions that Haruka makes. especially that one scene where he was crying, it was really convincing and i started to cry too.

Kishi was really good as Kanata as well. i thought Kishi-kun was a bit awkward in Kamen Teacher, but he was perfect as Kanata, and his character had to be my favorite one. i think part of the reason probably is because Kishi himself is very much like Kanata as well, but his character was a really deep one, although he's always acting like the dork. despite that, from the very beginning, i knew that he liked Mirei, and i also knew that his feelings probably won't be returned, which is why my heart had hurt for him from the very beginning. but until the very end, Kanata was a lovable character and he seriously was a good guy who held Haruka and Mirei very dear to his heart. and he made my heart hurt right from the beginning to the very end too *sobs*

anyway, overall, i thought this series was very well worth watching, and i absolutely loved having worked on this as a subbing project. i enjoyed this piece the whole way through. i'm going to be taking a break from subbing dramas this season, since the new Busaiku drama doesn't have any Jrs in it, and i'm sure someone in the KisuMai fandom would sub it. hope you all also enjoyed the journey of this drama with me~! 
22 October 2014 @ 07:00 pm
phew...okay, where i do even start. this whole upsetting thing happened yesterday, and i wanted to just rant and stuff, since this whole thing also happened with Kamichan a few years ago.

but before i start, don't ask me what happened, it's not something pleasant that i want to be discussing with others either and i do not want to further spread rumors and stuff since people always will twist up stories that are told, as i had already seen. i'm sure since it blew up in this fandom already in some anon meme, those of you who don't know already will end up finding out anyway, since humans are curious creatures. however, please remember that whatever you're hearing are just stories from others. you guys do not know this particular fan yourselves, and if you have never spoken with this person or got to know this person in any way whatsoever, don't go making judgments off what you hear from others. be able to think for yourselves. it also made me very upset to see a lot of labeling and generalization of all the fans in this fandom too.

the Johnny's fandom, and well, any fandom really, is supposed to be a judgement-free place where all of us share a common interest and just enjoy it together. i get that not everyone is into smut (i'm definitely not, i'm uncomfortable with anything NC-17), and in fact, i hardly even read fic, but i tune myself out of that side of fandom. it's not that hard really, to just take myself away from it if i don't like it. and even if i don't agree on all points of views with someone, i can still have respect for them as a fellow human being. that's how we can keep peace in this fandom, but this whole thing just crossed the line between fandom and real life. never in all my years of fandom did i hear about someone's life being ruined because of it and it was just all so shocking to me. to go out of your way and invade someone's privacy like that, it's all too much. if you think about it happening to yourself, i don't think you would like that either.

but the harm has already been done and the scar will be there with this person forever, and i really don't think anyone deserves that when she hasn't done anything at all, and she's always been willing to help people find things in this fandom, but now it's just a bunch of bashing going on, not just with her, but with everyone that she's also friends with. it must feel frustrating when so many people who don't even know anything about you just continuously make judgements and spread stories about you and the people who are important to you, only from what they've heard from others. if you guys have the time to be doing things like that for no reason, you should go find something else to do instead rather than spreading negative energy around. i really don't know what this anonymous person had to gain from all of this...
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yaho~~!! it's been a while since i've done any magazine translations, but i got my hands on November's Wink Up today when i went to Kinokuniya after work~! :D so of course right away i read Mizuki's crosstalk with Fukka from Snow Man and it was such a cute crosstalk haha. once again i have to say i'm very jealous of Kawai-kun cuz he gets so much of Mizuki's love haha. but i really like Kawai-kun too and i see why Mizuki likes him so much as a sempai. Fukka totally is his rival though and their crosstalk was pretty funny xD

anyway, here's the translation, and i'll put in pictures once good scans are out~ :D

*Edit-scans credit to yoshiko_mama :D

Wink Up November 2014: Kobayashi Mizuki x Fukazawa Tatsuya
Fukka: When it comes to a discussion between the two of us, the topic has to be Kawai Fumito-kun, right?

Mizuki: Right? When I heard that I would be on the same page as Fukazawa-kun, I thought all night about what to talk about.

Fukka: That’s good~. But when it comes to my Kawai passion, I won’t lose!

Mizuki: No, no, I won’t lose in passion either! Since when has Fukazawa-kun started to like Kawai-kun?

Fukka: For me, it was probably about 5 years ago. Ever since I started to back dance for A.B.C-Z on their tour. What about for Mizuki?

Mizuki: For me, I became a Jr. in 2008, and I started to like him ever since the Takizawa Kakumei in 2009!

Fukka: Heh~, really!?...That makes you my sempai in the world of Kawai-love! But luckily for me, I’m older, so I got to be taken out on meals as an adult earlier. That’s really big. How old are you, Mizuki?

Mizuki: I’m 19.

Fukka: You look younger than that.

Mizuki: Thank you very much. Even from Kawai-kun’s point of view, Fukazawa-kun is the one that’s recognized as Kawai-kun’s biggest fan, I feel like. But I want to do my best to change that recognition…

Fukka: Your enthusiasm is really not half-hearted (laughs)

Mizuki: But Fukazawa-kun still has more love and understanding towards Kawai-kun, so I’m going to do my best and aim for that too.

Fukka: I wonder how Kawai-kun would feel if he read this page (laughs). Do you have at least 2% of your admiration for me? (laughs)

Mizuki: Of course! Not just in terms of your looks, but on the inside, you have parts of you that are like Kawai-kun. You watch over the other Jrs around you at shows, you give really detailed attention to everyone.

Fukka: I don’t usually get praised so straightforwardly, so this is embarrassing (laughs). But I might be just copying him unconsciously. Takizawa-kun, who we got to back dance for a lot is someone like that, right? Kawai-kun is trying to continue to pass down that “Takizawa-ism”. And then I watch Kawai-kun’s back and little by little try to learn from that.

Mizuki: Ah~, I see! Do you ever get any direct advice from Kawai-kun?

Fukka: Rather than advice, whenever we go eat together, he would criticize me a lot.

Mizuki: I’m envious. Lately, he messes with me here and there, but I still have a long way to go.

Fukka: Oh yeah! During this time’s tour, didn’t Kawai-kun say something and brought up our names?

Mizuki: Ah…(as if it were difficult to say) Kawai-kun said that he would switch over from Fukazawa-kun to me…

Fukka: Right!? My fans all sent that news to me in their letters (laughs). And then right away I contacted Kawai-kun and said “You said such a thing!?”

Mizuki: Ahahaha, really? The news got passed on directly (laughs). But it was a lot of fun being able to talk to Fukazawa-kun like this today. Snow Man-san really are sempai to look up to.

Fukka: I see~. Then once you turn 20, I’ll be the first one to take you to eat.

Mizuki: Really!? That makes me really happy! Please remember that promise!

Jr. Special Dengonban


To Kawai-kun
Throughout this year, during rehearsals and the actual shows, it makes me really happy when you mess with me. Also, thank you very much for the T-shirt. (When he asked, "Mizuki, you want this?" and I replied, "Eh? I feel bad..." and then he said, "Then maybe I should give it to Fukazawa," so I said, "I'll take it!" and I got to have it.) I keep it very safe at home. It's a treasure to me, so I can't wear it. Also, I just learned that Kawai-kun can play the drums too. You really are a person who can do anything, and that makes me respect you even more! I like you a lot.

To my fans
I have really good eye sight. That's why, during concerts, I can find your uchiwas no matter where you are! Even if you're in the very back, it would make me happy if you would hold up an uchiwa for me.
06 October 2014 @ 10:06 am
hello everyone~~! i know this is my personal journal, but i know i also have a ton of silent JE followers lol, so might as well promote here as well xD

so my friend luna_truths has decided to start up a community to create a masterpost of all the Gamushara J's Party, Gamushara, and maybe Sexy Zone Channel, so if you guys would like to watch them, please come join us over at our community johnnys_channel!

membership is pretty much open, but it's still moderated just for reasons. you just have to click join and wait for one of us mods to approve of you, but do still read the rules, although it's all fandom common sense, such as no re-uploading anywhere else, and the rules apply to any mirrors that are provided by other members of the community.

please note that everything is raw, so there are also no subtitles either, but these shows are mostly enjoyable even without subs xD

that's all, so please come join us over at Johnny's Channel~! we shall be waiting for you guys~ :D
03 October 2014 @ 05:21 pm

that was very important so i had to say it three times xD ahhhh~~!! i am soooo happy~~~! wasn't expecting his appearance in Wink Up at all haha, so i woke up this morning to really good news! i can't wait for HQ scans to come out so i can edit and make avatars and stuff out of his photoshoot, but i'm gonna be buying this issue for sure~! <3 ahhhh he's soooo cute with glasses (#46 xD)~!!


it's quite interesting that he's paired with Fukka haha, such a rare combination lol, but from what little i can read out of their crosstalk, i wanna read this and translate it already xD i didn't think of this earlier, but when we speak of these two, it's their love for Kawai Fumito haha~~. it seems like it's gonna be a pretty interesting crosstalk, and well, it's Mizuki, so it's guaranteed that i'll be translating this as soon as i get scans haha~ <3

i'm so happy~~ :D can he just be a regularly appearing Jr, please Wink Up? and while we're at it, Duet and Potato too? and Myojo and Popolo!! i need more of him in my life, thank you very much. but i appreciate Wink Up for having him appear again, cuz the last recent one he appeared in was their April issue xD

i'm just so excited~~!! <3
16 September 2014 @ 08:07 pm
*sigh* don't mind me. i didn't think i would have to be doing this but...i really need to let out some feels here. just talking about it with my closest fandom friends don't seem to be enough orz...

Kobayashi Mizuki...boy...why do i even like you so much? where did it all even come from!? i didn't choose this!! i didn't choose any of this!! just when exactly did you become the one that i think about so much in this fandom??

seriously...before i even realized it, i had been searching for him on Shounen Club, back when he was still in the back a lot. well, he's still sort of in the back, but not as far back these days, and closer to the center (which makes me super happy), but that exciting feeling when i see him on stage, even when i just catch a glimpse of him is just ugh. i can't even focus on anyone else on stage when Mizuki is there. doesn't matter how many times i try to watch, if Mizuki is there, eyes automatically go to him.

and speaking of Shounen Club...omg he's killed me both last month and this month *sobs* he's just...he's gotten so cool ;__; i mean he's always been handsome and all but lately that's escalating and it's bad for my heart. and his dance omg, his dance is so wonderful, he's literally my favorite dancer in all of Johnny's. i never get tired of watching him dance. usually he would be smiling, happy puppy, but on stage, depending on the song, he shows so many different kinds of expressions, and his movements are so graceful and beautiful i can't even use words to describe it all orz...

and when he's on the drums...omg he's so cool on the drums too!! but i guess if i were to say which i like seeing him dance more. but stil!! just seeing his face puts this stupid grin on my face and it's so hard to contain it ;__;

and then that gorgeous smile...what the hell dude!! killing me here!!

ugh i don't know even know!! *sobs* i just know i love him too much ;__; i love him so so so much that i hurts...

the worst thing about being his fan is that he's so under-appreciated despite his talent!! he's always stuck in the back and they hardly put naming credits on him when he's on Shounen Club! and he doesn't appear in magazines regularly. there's just not enough of him around at all!! and i don't understand why he doesn't have more fans either *sobs* but i guess that's okay, i sort of like this "he's-just-mine" kind of feeling and being more intimate with the few people who do like him (met a few Japanese fans on twitter who's KobaMizu biased in the last few days, yay! :D). but it's a really complicated feeling cuz at the same time i do want more people to know about him!!

it's like being a Keito fan all over again, except...Mizuki is probably 10 times more underrated than Keito ;__; why are my biases always the underrated ones?...well except for Sakurai Sho, but...Mizuki, give him more attention!! please don't let his talent go to waste Johnny-san, i beg of you~~!! *cries*

*sigh* okay...i think i'll be done and stop whining to all of you guys, i just had to express all of this and let it out...but to lighten things up, here, have some photos of Mizuki. get to know his face you all. he's the one that i'm pushing and cheering for with all my heart right now.


oh and how about some chibi Mizuki. this was from his first time ever speaking in front of the MC panel on Shounen Club back in 2009. he was such an angel, so freaking cute!! ;__; well he still is <3

okay...i think i'm done spamming you guys with Mizuki now....for today at least. ugh, he's so cute!! ;__; 
14 September 2014 @ 10:32 am
Arashi, Arashi, For Dream~~! really is amazing. 15th anniversary! time sure flies by! i know i don't really write about them much on my journal, and most of you know me more as a JUMP fan, and people who came across me recently probably know me more as a Jr. fan, but Arashi was my very first Johnny's group. they are so, so, so special to my heart, and i have changed so much for the better thanks to them. i wasn't a fan of them right from their start (cuz i was like 7 years old when they debuted lol), but i am happy i came across them nonetheless.

they indeed lived up to their name and caused a storm in my world, in a good way. Arashi was where i started, so i'm very happy to wish them a happy 15th year debut anniversary. i really wish i could spend it with them in Hawaii, but i will still be cheering them on at heart. hopefully they come back around their 20th anniversary or something xD

but congratulations, Aiba Masaki, Matsumoto Jun, Ninomiya Kazunari, Ohno Satoshi, and Sakurai Sho! never change you guys, and do your best!! 
06 September 2014 @ 10:29 pm
it's September, and Kishi's birthday is in September, so i decided to do a drawing of him, even though his birthday isn't until the 29th lol, but just in case i get distracted or end up not having time to draw something for his 19th birthday, i drew a picture of him today cuz i felt like drawing xD i really am starting to enjoy drawing portraits of my favorite Jrs in this semi-realism/anime mix style haha.

Kishi was actually pretty fun to draw, and actually much easier than expected. his features were rather easy to capture. i didn't know what i was gonna do to color his hair at first though since it's a light brown color now haha, but it turned out better than i expected it to. i'm rather happy with how this came out xD

Kishi Yuta
01 September 2014 @ 06:25 pm
hello~~ new fandom vocab today :D today's vocabulary words are words that refer to the time period that the boys have joined/auditioned for Johnny's~!