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16 September 2014 @ 08:07 pm
*sigh* don't mind me. i didn't think i would have to be doing this but...i really need to let out some feels here. just talking about it with my closest fandom friends don't seem to be enough orz...

Kobayashi Mizuki...boy...why do i even like you so much? where did it all even come from!? i didn't choose this!! i didn't choose any of this!! just when exactly did you become the one that i think about so much in this fandom??

seriously...before i even realized it, i had been searching for him on Shounen Club, back when he was still in the back a lot. well, he's still sort of in the back, but not as far back these days, and closer to the center (which makes me super happy), but that exciting feeling when i see him on stage, even when i just catch a glimpse of him is just ugh. i can't even focus on anyone else on stage when Mizuki is there. doesn't matter how many times i try to watch, if Mizuki is there, eyes automatically go to him.

and speaking of Shounen Club...omg he's killed me both last month and this month *sobs* he's just...he's gotten so cool ;__; i mean he's always been handsome and all but lately that's escalating and it's bad for my heart. and his dance omg, his dance is so wonderful, he's literally my favorite dancer in all of Johnny's. i never get tired of watching him dance. usually he would be smiling, happy puppy, but on stage, depending on the song, he shows so many different kinds of expressions, and his movements are so graceful and beautiful i can't even use words to describe it all orz...

and when he's on the drums...omg he's so cool on the drums too!! but i guess if i were to say which i like seeing him dance more. but stil!! just seeing his face puts this stupid grin on my face and it's so hard to contain it ;__;

and then that gorgeous smile...what the hell dude!! killing me here!!

ugh i don't know even know!! *sobs* i just know i love him too much ;__; i love him so so so much that i hurts...

the worst thing about being his fan is that he's so under-appreciated despite his talent!! he's always stuck in the back and they hardly put naming credits on him when he's on Shounen Club! and he doesn't appear in magazines regularly. there's just not enough of him around at all!! and i don't understand why he doesn't have more fans either *sobs* but i guess that's okay, i sort of like this "he's-just-mine" kind of feeling and being more intimate with the few people who do like him (met a few Japanese fans on twitter who's KobaMizu biased in the last few days, yay! :D). but it's a really complicated feeling cuz at the same time i do want more people to know about him!!

it's like being a Keito fan all over again, except...Mizuki is probably 10 times more underrated than Keito ;__; why are my biases always the underrated ones?...well except for Sakurai Sho, but...Mizuki, give him more attention!! please don't let his talent go to waste Johnny-san, i beg of you~~!! *cries*

*sigh* okay...i think i'll be done and stop whining to all of you guys, i just had to express all of this and let it out...but to lighten things up, here, have some photos of Mizuki. get to know his face you all. he's the one that i'm pushing and cheering for with all my heart right now.


oh and how about some chibi Mizuki. this was from his first time ever speaking in front of the MC panel on Shounen Club back in 2009. he was such an angel, so freaking cute!! ;__; well he still is <3

okay...i think i'm done spamming you guys with Mizuki now....for today at least. ugh, he's so cute!! ;__; 
14 September 2014 @ 10:32 am
Arashi, Arashi, For Dream~~! really is amazing. 15th anniversary! time sure flies by! i know i don't really write about them much on my journal, and most of you know me more as a JUMP fan, and people who came across me recently probably know me more as a Jr. fan, but Arashi was my very first Johnny's group. they are so, so, so special to my heart, and i have changed so much for the better thanks to them. i wasn't a fan of them right from their start (cuz i was like 7 years old when they debuted lol), but i am happy i came across them nonetheless.

they indeed lived up to their name and caused a storm in my world, in a good way. Arashi was where i started, so i'm very happy to wish them a happy 15th year debut anniversary. i really wish i could spend it with them in Hawaii, but i will still be cheering them on at heart. hopefully they come back around their 20th anniversary or something xD

but congratulations, Aiba Masaki, Matsumoto Jun, Ninomiya Kazunari, Ohno Satoshi, and Sakurai Sho! never change you guys, and do your best!! 
06 September 2014 @ 10:29 pm
it's September, and Kishi's birthday is in September, so i decided to do a drawing of him, even though his birthday isn't until the 29th lol, but just in case i get distracted or end up not having time to draw something for his 19th birthday, i drew a picture of him today cuz i felt like drawing xD i really am starting to enjoy drawing portraits of my favorite Jrs in this semi-realism/anime mix style haha.

Kishi was actually pretty fun to draw, and actually much easier than expected. his features were rather easy to capture. i didn't know what i was gonna do to color his hair at first though since it's a light brown color now haha, but it turned out better than i expected it to. i'm rather happy with how this came out xD

Kishi Yuta
01 September 2014 @ 06:25 pm
hello~~ new fandom vocab today :D today's vocabulary words are words that refer to the time period that the boys have joined/auditioned for Johnny's~!

i had come across this message that the teacher of the Funcussion team, or Team Sha, had written to the members on Funcussion's official Facebook page and it was just so heartwarming. he had known almost nothing about Johnny's Jrs prior to becoming their instructor for Gamushara's Summer Festival, and all the things that he had written about what he had learned from them are some of the exact reasons why Johnny's inspire me so much, each and every one of them, down to the elementary school students. they're not just pretty faces, and not all of them were born with talent, but like the instructor had said, they are all pure in their hard work despite that in order to improve themselves. anyway, it's a really touching message, and i hope the boys got to see it.

Funcussion Instructor Message to the Jrs of Team Sha

About the Johnny's Jr of Team Sha.

It would be nice if they read this post.

Inoue Mizuki
He's still a middle school student. He's the youngest one, but for some reason he's got the most chivalrous spirit. I look forward to how he is in the future.

Tajima Shogo

Team Sha's healing one. I always felt relief from seeing Shogo's face. Please don't ever lose your pureness.

Nakamura Reia.

Reia is a guy who will get things done when he needs to. The probability of him perfecting the stick toss was 100%. You were just trying to hide your embarrassment by joking about it, weren't you?

Matsukura Kaito

Even as he was crying, Kaito is a hard worker. I saw his sharp dance for the first time at the show and I was surprised. Amazing.

Jinguji Yuta

As the leader, he did a great job of bringing everyone together. Seeing his face at the end of everyday, the way his face looked changed. He has grown.

This is something I can say to every one of them, but I want to thank them for putting so much hard work into practicing Funcussion even as they participated in all rehearsals for the shows, as well as their individual work.

After I got an idea of what happens in the day of their show, I understood their hard work.

Even with all those songs and dances for lessons every day, they still practiced for Funcussion without taking a break. Every time they come to practice, I could tell that they had practiced by themselves at home.

The first time I saw their faces, I thought, "They're just kids, how far can they even go?" But by the time they finished, I realized I learned a lot from them

As someone who knew nothing about Johnny's Jrs, this was what I had learned:

1. They work hard to practice
They have been dancing and singing all the time, so they understand that in order to learn something, they have to spend time to practice. This is really big.

It may seem obvious, but many other young people always says, "Tell me the trick to it." They think that if they know what little secret there is, then they can do anything easily. They read too many walkthrough books.

2. They have lots of focus, and are strong for the real show.

In terms of age, they are middle school and high school students, but some of them have been performing in front of thousands of people ever since they were in elementary school. They also appear in commercials and dramas. All of those are very different places.

3. Even so, they are still pure.
If it were an adult, they would think, "It's fine to give it a challenge, but by learning this, what kind of career and merits would it lead me to?" However, these guys just thought, "We have to perfect it," "We have to win," with all of their hearts. I pray that they will always keep that pureness in them.

I feel really glad to have met you guys. Even though you guys are still young, you guys gave me excitement and thrills and you have burned a passion in my heart and in my eyes

I know that you guys are all really busy, so I did not ask you guys to come watch Funcussion's show, but I would like you guys to know about the actual Funcussion shows. I hope that we will be able to meet again someday somewhere. I would like to see you guys again.

I look forward to what kind of young men and what kind of adults you guys have grown into by that time.

Thank you very much. Until we meet again, take care of yourselves and do your best.
17 August 2014 @ 02:47 pm
i re-filmed my questions for the international documentary project that mrsyamada started xD i just did it in English cuz it was easier haha, and i filmed with an actual digital camera this time, so the lighting looks a lot better compared to before, and i also answered a couple other questions that i didn't answer last time because i didn't know how to translate it into Japanese lol.

it's August 10th in Japan, which means it's Shizuya's birthday~! :D since i don't really have time to draw anything, and i just got some new scans thanks to yoshiko_mama, i decided to do a translation to celebrate Shizuya's 19th birthday :D

seriously though...Mizuki is my favorite Jr, but...Shizuya really isn't that far behind him, and it makes my life hard lol. reading stuff like this makes me really want to date Shizuya;dajfa stop messing with my heart! but since it's your birthday, i'll forgive you xD

Potato 2014.09-Yoshizawa Shizuya
I think my ideal date would be taking a walk by the red brick warehouse in Yokohama while looking at the stars. If it’s there, we can enjoy the sea and the night scenery. Basically, neither me nor my girlfriend would be talking much, and we would just be holding hands and walking. And then from there, we would go on the ferris wheel, and kiss inside the gondola <3 Something like that. Aaahh, I want to have a date like that. My heart would probably be pounding~(laughs). In my daily life, I think there’s quite a lot of times when I look up at the stars as I think about things. Near my house, there’s a field, and on my way home from my work as a Jr, I would go through that path while looking up at the sky and when I see the beautiful stars, all of my exhaustion goes away. It gives me that feeling like I’m in the countryside.

Recent status: When I went out to perform after putting on this Chinese medicine that cures acne, everyone kept telling me “You smell.” (lauhgs). But as much as it smells, it seems like it’s working.

Wink Up Dengonban 2014.09-Yoshizawa Shizuya
To Yamada (Ryosuke)-kun: One day, I hope the two of us can dance together! I'll think of the choreography, so I would like Yamada-kun to also think of a choreography for me as well.

To (Nakayama) Yuma-kun: The food was really delicious. Thank you very much! Lately, it feels like we're much closer, and it's a lot of fun.
hello, i made this vlog to actually answer a question that mrsyamada had asked me a couple days ago, and it was actually on my list of slang terms to cover, and since it's used so often, i thought i should just do these terms for this time :D

27 July 2014 @ 07:24 pm
lol, this was from last week, we went karaoke after seeing Furukawa Yuki at J-Pop Summit xD we sang lots of other songs too, but i think this was my favorite haha. Shori would be proud of my "Sexy Rose" xD

P.S. we were just having fun, so this wasn't like a serious cover or anything, so we don't need any critiques or bashing at all. you have been warned that this isn't a video of good singing lol.

27 July 2014 @ 01:50 pm
my first time buying an A.B.C-Z single, and i did a review on it this time~! it's in Japanese, but there's English subtitles as well~ :D