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24 November 2015 @ 07:23 pm
wow, so i'm back from work now, but i woke up this morning to a rather shocking announcement. i usually check twitter when i'm awake to catch up with some of the groups that i'm following, and first thing i see is a tweet from Shunya of AMAZ, who is an ex-Jr, saying "Taguchi-kun is going to quit..." and of course, then following that, i saw Casey tweet about it, and then Miura Wataru as well. Taguchi was definitely loved by his kouhai, even those who have already left the agency.

i was never KAT-TUN biased, and i didn't follow them closely, but as someone who knew of 6-nin KAT-TUN and watching how they went from 5 to 4 to now just 3, it's just kind of sad. i can't imagine even what it was like for those fans who were there in the audience when the announcement was made, and for those fans who watched in their homes, looking forward to their performance, and suddenly hearing that once again someone is leaving the group. even though Taguchi is staying until March, it's still just really sad knowing that he's going to be leaving, and that the day he's leaving is the very day of their 10th anniversary.

and just as much as it makes the fans sad, i'm sure the members as well probably had a tough time taking it all in, and i'm sure Junno probably thought really long and hard about it as well before coming to this decision. i mean you can't really blame him, Johnny's hasn't really been pushing KAT-TUN ever since Koki and Jin left, and he does have to think about his own future as well and what he wants to do, because he is going into his 30s.

all this just made me think about a lot of things. i mean as a Jr fan, i've already experienced how it feels like to have someone that you really like quit, and i've also experienced that whole thing with Ryutaro as a JUMP fan as well. and like i said before, the entertainment industry is a tough career to pursue. even just within Johnny's, just because you've been there really long doesn't mean you will make it into debut, and as a fan of the Jrs, there's always that worry that your favorite will quit any day, and without any sort of announcements (since JE treats Jrs like air if they quit and pretend they were never there). even the ones who are really popular and are being pushed right now, you never really will know what will happen.

and it made me have lots of thoughts about MADKID and some indies artists that i follow right now ever since i discovered them also. and it made me think that we should never take any of this for granted, and cheer them on every single day with all of our hearts, because the future is unknown, and it is scary to think about it. but i've already kind of become like that with the Jrs that i like, since they're not the ones always being pushed, i know that it won't be a surprise if any of them decide to leave, and of course i will be sad, but like i said before, as long as they are going to be pursuing Johnny's i will continue to cheer them on, and if they decide to continue to pursue music, i will continue to cheer them on, and if they decide to just lead a normal life after that, i will wish them the best as well. there will be sadness if the rest of my favorites quit, but rather than staying sad forever, i will be grateful for all of the joy they had given me during the time i was their fan. call me cheesy or whatever, but it has to be fate that we were able to be born into this world at this time and to be able to discover them and become a fan.

anyway, yeah, this was a long ramble, but just wanted to write out some thoughts i had.
07 October 2015 @ 07:14 pm
hello everyone~! been a while since i've been motivated to translate something haha, but Casey just started doing this thing on his youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaP4f0sACskhHTfscQdJWAg) that's kinda like a radio program, and i thought he did a pretty good job of it, it did feel like i was listening to a radio program haha. i loved his choice of MADKID songs also~ :D

anyway, here's the video, and my translation is below :)

Hello everyone! This is CASEY from MADKID.

Thank you everyone for watching my YouTube channel.

This time, I just wanted to try out doing a radio program. Though usually when you speak of radio, it's a live broadcast, but instead, I decided to do it as a YouTube video.

That said, this is the very memorable first broadcast! I'm actually still nervous. I'm actually very nervous!

I'll do my best so that everyone will have fun, so please give me your support!

Also, if any of you guys have questions, or worries that you want to ask me, if it's something I can answer, I'll do my best to answer it, so do send me comments through my Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube.

That said, let's see...since it's the first broadcast, I'll talk about MADKID, the group that I'm currently working with right now. I'd like to introduce the members.

MADKID is a 5 member dance and vocal unit. Recently, we've been active mainly in Shibuya. We are a unit with 2 rappers, and 3 vocalists.

First up is our rapper, LIN.

LIN, actually, he's the one singing right now, I've been friends with him since middle school. I sleep over at his house quite often, so he's kind of like a sibling to me. I would say he's more like a little brother than an older one.

The second member is YUKI.

YUKI is also a rapper, and actually, his personality is very much like mine. Even when we're just normally talking, and even during lives, our actions and words tend to syncronize a lot. He's a pretty interesting guy. And YUKI is also an extremely hard worker, so please check him out.

Next are the vocalists. Among the vocalists, I'm one of them. I also dance quite a lot and stuff too, so please do cheer me on.

Next is KAZUKI.

KAZUKI is amazing. When he sings, his voice is really beautiful. He's also really good at MCing. I would say he's the best MC among the 5 of us. Well, even though I say that, me, YUKI, and LIN, the two rappers and I usually don't talk during the MC. Or well, rather than don't talk, we can't talk. Usually when I talk during MC, I get ignored anyway, so I just leave things up to KAZUKI and YOU-TA.

Last is our leader, YOU-TA.

Leader is the best singer within MADKID. Recently, among MADKID, we're really into darts, and YOU-TA is also the best one at darts. And skateboarding too, we sometimes go skateboarding, but he's also the best at that. So YOU-TA is kind of the best among us at a lot of things.

Just like that, the 5 of us are working together.

And right now, the song you are listening to is called "Light Up." You can also listen to this song on our official YouTube channel, so please check it out. (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrIPqDA_JFeeHVmncRMZfcw)

The next song is actually probably the only song that's not up on our official channel. It was also put on a CD once, but it sold out right away, so it's a song that you can only hear at our lives. So this is a present from me. Please listen, "LOVE ME."


That said, this broadcast will end here. Thank you very much for listening until the end. Please do like and favorite, as well as subscribe.

Finally, one last thing. It's been getting really cold lately, so please don't catch a cold. This was MADKID's CASEY. Bye bye. 
03 October 2015 @ 10:42 pm
how long has it been since i last used my Arashi tag lol xD anyway, i know i just made my post yesterday about not being a Johnny's otaku anymore haha, but yet here i am fangirling about Arashi, which seems contradicting, but like i said yesterday, i didn't say i was quitting the fandom, so there's my excuse haha.

anyway, it's been a while, but we finally were able to make a recent Arashi fan gathering happen again lol. those are always fun, even though i don't follow Arashi as intensely, but i mean, like i said, i always somehow know what's going on anyway cuz of friends who do follow haha. but we watched the Digitalian concert together and while having a few intense games of UNO lol. i swear, that game makes people evil haha, and you really get to see people's true colors xD

but yeah, Arashi, Arashi...this concert brought back a lot of memories though. i mean, it was their 15th anniversary album, and i say this all the time, but i always get reminded how much i love Arashi. everything began with them, and music really is powerful, listening to an old song really brings back memories of the time when you first listened to them. and there was one part where they had a long medley of a lot of their singles starting from their debut song A.RA.SHI, and it was just a lot of fun. i feel like i can let loose the most and just be dumb the most when i'm with my Arashi friends haha.

and the thing about Arashi concerts is that, i've never watched one that i found to be boring. there's always something that i think is cool in their concerts. the setup of it and everything, it's just so amazing. it just gets better with every single one.

but yeah, that was my day haha, these little Arashi hangouts are always fun :3 
okie doke, so...i've been meaning to write this for a while, and i, myself, really can't even believe i'm writing this but...to get straight to the point, i'm just going to say it, i'm done being a Johnny's otaku. after 8 long years, i can't believe i'm saying this, but i think this phase in my life has just gone by? i was hesitant to say this, and i've also been told that it's getting a bit much that i keep saying that i'm becoming more and more of a casual fan, so i just thought...well, why not just put closure on all this and i'll spit everything out once and for all.

don't get me wrong though, just because i'm done being a Johnny's otaku, that doesn't mean i'm saying that i'm quitting the fandom. i don't think i would ever be able to be completely away from Johnny's anway, because i have lots of friends still deeply into it. and also, Johnny's is a very big presence to me, although i totally have a love-hate relationship with that agency. if i hadn't discovered Arashi back when i was still just a sophomore in high school, and if i didn't find Johnny's, i really wouldn't be who i am today. i can't even express in words how grateful i am for Johnny's. they've taught me many things, and given me the courage to step out of my own comfort zone and be willing to challenge myself to do things. i've also met many wonderful people both in real life and online, and some of my closest friends are all people who i've met through fandom. Johnny's is very powerful and it really does inspire and connect people all around the world, despite differences in languages and cultures. and even some of my friends who have grown out of fandom, they still continue to be very close friends that i can talk to about anything. they've seriously given me so much, and i can't even express it all into words.

however, sad as it is, i am just losing interest. and it is no fault of the boys, it's just the way they're being produced these days. i feel like the golden ages of Johnny's programs has just long gone by, and everything these days is just so boring to me. i only watch Gamushara when i'm feeling bored, and well, my favorites don't even appear on there and it's always the same faces on Gamushara too. as for Shounen Club, it's just gotten so boring because they don't showcase the Jrs, and uh...isn't that the whole point of the show!? there's THREE debuted groups on there and i honestly don't think we need that much cuz they take up more than half the show.

there's many other factors that played into this though. i feel like it all started off with the negativity in this fandom, and that's kind of when it just became a little unpleasant. and then, my favorite Jr. has left the agency. also, everyone that i do like don't even get pushed by the agency and are always just stuck in the back, and well...honestly, being realistic, i don't know how long they would actually last here. of course, i don't want them to quit, and i will keep on cheering for them as long as they try to pursue a career within Johnny's, especially people like Tera and Hara-chan, since i really like them. Travis Japan may be a little more stable since they are a unit and they are officially part of the dance family, but then jimusho likes to mess around with Aran and Miyachika, so there's also some uneasiness there when we think about future debuts, because if they were to take anyone from TraJa, it would be those two. and i love Travis Japan and musho Jrs a lot, but they're hardly in anything. especially the mushos. always constantly in the back, and their names don't even get shown on Shounen Club and stuff. so it's very frustrating.

and i think probably the final factor in this is discovering MADKID. i know you guys have probably seen me tweeting about them if you follow me on twitter, and i LOVE those guys. i think because my first time going to see an artist that i like live, i went to see MADKID. and they've just engrained such a deep impression on me. they're not famous like Johnny's, but i feel more connected with them, and even though i'm so far away from them right now, i still feel much closer with them than all of the idols i've ever liked. i mean, MADKID aren't idols, they're a very different genre of artists in fact, lol, but i love them a lot. and i've also discovered quite a lot of other artists through them as well, mostly artists who probably aren't known overseas haha, but it's cool, i like what i like, and it's just the way i go, regardless of what is popular among other people.

so, yeah...i know this was a long entry, but i just wanted to get all this out there and just be honest with myself. my interests have just changed, and it's normal for that to happen. this is unexpected for me as well, but it happened before i realized it. i'll still be following the few that i do like (though they're hardly in anything), but other than that, i'm just not interested in any of the Jrs that are currently being pushed right now. i'll probably still somewhat know what's happening in Johnny's cuz of friends who are still Janiwota, but i won't be following every single little thing religiously like i used to haha.

but yeah, that's all~ xD 
05 September 2015 @ 04:56 pm
continuation of my Gamushara experience. i think...maybe because i forgot to journal what happened at the live on August 12th, i actually don't remember much of it lol. but it was Team Ra VS Team Ha for that day.

i'm sad Yasui-kun only went up our side of the balcony once, but he was super cute in person. i didn't get noticed either, lol, because Yasui-kun doesn't look down from the balcony! he only looked at the people on the second floor seats...wonder if he's afraid of heights or something lol. cuz even when he was on the other balcony, he didn't look down either. but i was able to see better on this day, because i wore heels. i now know why fans wear heels to concerts lol. at first i thought it was just for fashion so they could look cute for their biases, but...they actually make a difference xD i was able to see the band members on the stage at first lol. like on my first Gamushara, i didn't even know Toranpi was on the keyboard, cuz i couldn't see anything that was happening on the stage.

anyway, i don't really remember much, but i know they sang a lot of songs that i liked. i especially loved when Yasui-kun sang Arashi's "One Love." Team Ha had really good energy as a team, but if i were to be objective, i would say that Team Ra did much better performance-wise. though for me, i didn't really care who won anyway haha, so i didn't scream when they were doing the decibel thing. i didn't scream during the Mu VS Sha one either. but um...yeah...sorry, i really don't remember much haha. but when i realized that was the last one, i thought i wanted to go to another one, and got tickets for the evening show on August 16th, which was the final VS battle before finals, and it was Team Mu VS Ha. i wanted to see Team Sha again though lol, cuz stupid Jinguji, but their final battle overlapped with MADKID's live.

but i made a good choice going to the evening show, because that was the very last battle before finals. i bought two tickets so that the price for one ticket would be cheaper, and i went with a new friend that i made, named Ucchan. she's actually a friend of a friend of a friend...very confusing, i know lol. but anyway, she's this girl who used to listen to only Western music, and she was just starting to get into Johnny's and she liked Kishi haha. i was very happy for her though, cuz Kishi went up our side twice, and i'm glad she had fun at this concert, because the resale tickets for this show was so expensive, probably because it was the last preliminary battle.

of course, i was cheering for Team Ha, but, once again, i thought Team Mu's performance was much better. but i know all of them worked really hard, and all of them deserve a round of applause for that. Team Ha actually won by audience decibels, but they lost because Team Mu had more Jr votes. poor Hashimocchan was crying when they were counting the balls ;__; but Team Ha really did have the best energy and support among the members the entire way through, despite the huge age gap between the oldest and youngest members.

after the battle was over, Sanapi sang a band song, and i think he sang Love You Only for all the other shows, but for this one, he sang with Team Ha, and he sang Arashi's "Oh Yeah" with them, which was a good way to lift the mood.

so the show was over, and usually, they come out for encore really quickly, but on this day, the announcements that the show was over went on twice before they came out. and instead of the usual coming out with one of the boys screaming while another song goes on, it was all quiet, and Sanapi comes out to announce the final results of the battle, and all of the teams appeared! that was a really awesome surprise! Team Ga was the only team that i didn't get to see live, so even though it was just for a little bit, it was still cool to have been able to see them in person. and i was happy that i got to see Jinguji one more time lol, though he didn't go up the balconies during encore. but oh well, he was adorbs, even though he was sad that Team Sha didn't make it into the final round.

and well...yeah...that's all i have for Gamushara reports xD i had to pack that night too because i was leaving to come back to the US the next day, but it was kind of a nice wrap up of my trip.

although i do have to say, of all of the lives that i had gone to, MADKID's two lives were still my favorites. Johnny's lives are fun to go watch, but in the end, that's all you really get to do, you just go watch. and you're lucky if you're an obviously foreign fan, but i blended in, so it was like a miracle that Jinguji even looked at me that first show lol. i still feel a sense of distance with Johnny's, even after going to their lives, but with MADKID, i got to talk to them, and they became even more dear to my heart. so...yeah...it was a nice experience though, and cost so much money lol, but no regrets, it was all fun. just that Johnny's lives and indies group lives are enjoyed in different ways. and this concludes all of the reports of the lives that i went to while i was in Japan :)
05 September 2015 @ 04:29 pm
i know i'm very late with this lol, but finally i'm here to write about my experience going to Gamushara while i was in Japan. i don't clearly remember all of the details though lol, so it's just bits here and there, and parts that left an impression on me.

so the first show i went to was on August 10th, which was Team Mu VS Team Sha. i was alone for that first show, and it was my first ever Johnny's live, so i was quite nervous. anyway, the show didn't start until 1:30, but i decided to go to the venue early to get goods, and then go grab something to eat before the show. it wasn't really that hard to find EX Theater though, i just asked a station agent which way to go exit, and i found it quite easily after i got out. so then i went upstairs to line up for goods, and turns out i was super early, they weren't even opened yet for goods. luckily, that day was a lot cooler compared to earlier in the week, because i would've died waiting out in the heat. i was waiting outside for maybe half an hour before they opened, and i thought it would take a long time, since there were already a lot of people lined up before me when i got there, but it was actually really quick, people just picked out which goods they wanted and then they leave, and the employees worked pretty quick too, so i was out of there pretty quickly. i had quite a bit of time before the show started, so i went across the street to Roppongi Crossing, and hung out at the McDonalds, which was where pretty much most of the other fans went to grab a bite before the show. literally, pretty much all the girls nearby were talking about Johnny's lol. but i just found most of them kind of intimidating, so i didn't talk to anyone, even though i thought i could make some new friends at first, but i decided against it xD

so once it was almost time, i went back upstairs at EX Theater, and people were starting to line up by their numbers. it was my first time, so i had to ask around for where i should be going and stuff, but i always looked for the mama fans haha, cuz they didn't seem as intimidating as the younger fans. my ticket number was pretty far back though, so i was part of the last group to go in, so when i got to the arena floor, it was already packed. but the good thing about arena floor is that it's all standing, and once you get in, you can go anywhere you want. but i wasn't really thinking about that at first though when i got in haha, but i stopped near the balcony on the second floor, because i was thinking abotu how sometimes people come watch the show and sit in those seats. well, no one from the agency came to watch the show that day, but turns out i chose a good spot to stand anyway. i couldn't see the stage at all, but that's okay, because the boys went up the balcony to perform. when the show started, Sou was right up there on my side. he was really adorable. i was worried about Marius though lol, cuz he's so tall, and i got kinda scared for him whenever he leaned over.

for the team performances, i couldn't see the stage at all, so i had to watch the big screen the entire time, but i could see why Team Mu was leading so much this year. they actually were really good, compared to last year. i'm so glad Genki wasn't being the wimp that he was last year, and that he actually grew from that loss that they had last year. as for Team Sha, i actually wasn't able to comprehend what was happening, because they were all standing at different parts of the stage, and before you know it, Jinguji was already doing his final trick, and then it was just over, so i didn't get much of an impression of Team Sha's performance.

anyway, two lucky things happened to me during this concert! so first of all, if you guys have been watching Gamushara episodes, you might know that they counted how loud the fans cheered, but the Jrs who back danced got to place a vote too, and they did that by placing a ball into the boxes for whichever team they thought was better. and each ball counted as an additional two decibels to the total score. the balls weren't signed or anything, but when they counted them, they threw the balls out to the audience. i don't think people were too desperate though, since they weren't signed lol. or maybe it was because the one i got was thrown by Hagi-chan, cuz i heard people were crazy when it was Team Ra's haha. but anyway, i was in the very last row, and the ball bounced off one of the TV Asahi cameras in the back and came in my direction, so i tried to catch it, and i missed, and it went to the girls in front of me. they tried to catch it, but then missed, and it fell to the floor and rolled back to where i was, and i felt it touch my foot, so i just picked it up, cuz it looked like those girls didn't want the ball too bad and they just gave up when it fell to the floor lol. Hagi-chan isn't one of my top favorites, and the ball wasn't even signed, but hey, it still makes a good memory though xD

the other lucky thing that happened to me was sort of towards the end of the concert. i didn't think i would get noticed at the concert, because i'm Asian, and people there always think i'm Japanese lol, so i was really surprised. it was really weird though, because i had my penlight on pink for Team Mu, because i chose to come watch this show for Kishi xD but it was Team Sha that was up on the balcony on my side during this time, and i was just kind of looking up at them because they were so close. and before i realized it, my eyes meet with Jinguji, and then he makes a peace sign. so i was just thinking, okay, maybe he's just doing that to whoever is standing next to me, and i just keep looking up at him. but then he stays there and just stares, still doing the peace sign, and he doesn't move from his spot. so i began to think...wait...is he looking at me? and i waved at him, just to see if he would react, and then he smiles and waves back before leaving the balcony. it was like reverse fan service lol, he was waiting for me to respond. i just found that really unexpected though, because i was obviously not his fan, my penlight wasn't even on Team Sha's color lol. but that made me really happy, and made me start to adore Jinguji again haha. though, sorry Jin-chan, i will only love you as an onee-chan xD

but that was like the most memorable thing from all of the Gamushara shows that i went to xD i didn't get noticed at the other two that i went to haha. but thanks to Jinguji, i pretty much forgot about the rest of the concert haha. 
30 August 2015 @ 09:47 am
forgot to post this here last night xD but i mean i wrote full detailed reports haha, but just for me to keep track of my vlogs xD just basically talked about my experience being at MADKID's live :)

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18 August 2015 @ 09:20 pm
i was gonna write up my experience with Gamushara, but i went to three of those shows lol, so i'll save that for last haha, cuz i'm back to work already and i just settled down after dinner and a shower haha, so today i'll talk about my experience with seeing AMAZ!

first of all, those of you who don't know AMAZ, please check out their home page xD i'm planning on eventually making a vlog to introduce them as well haha, but for now, this is their home page: http://amazinfostaff.wix.com/amaz

one of the members, Takagaki Shunya is actually a former Johnny's Jr. as well. however, i didn't start following AMAZ because of that haha. i actually found out about AMAZ because, randomly, one day, Shunya followed me on twitter haha. i think it might've been around the beginning of the year, a little before AMAZ was formed, as they're a rather new group. i had only talked to Shunya like maybe once on twitter, and he seemed nice haha.

but i didn't really check out AMAZ's channel on YouTube until maybe a month or two before i went to Japan, and during that time, all the videos that had their songs in it weren't viewable overseas. the only thing on their channel was what they called "AMAZ Biyori" which is like their little behind the scenes adventures, and things like that. so i was like, alright, i'll take a look to see if they're interesting, and they are so darn cute and funny that i've watched each episode of their AMAZ Biyori several times xD and that's how i got into AMAZ.

anyway, i didn't think i was going to be able to see AMAZ because i checked their home page and didn't see any lives scheduled in the calendar, but of course, we are in the age of the internet and i saw Yuto and Hayato tweet about a free live at JOL Harajuku on August 13th. those of you who don't know about JOL Harajuku, it is like a food court that provides entertainment, and often times, there are artists who perform free lives there. so it wasn't up on their home page at all, but luckily i saw that tweet, because Hayato was mentioning that since Yuto had a butai that day, Hayato would end up being the one to sing all of Yuto's parts. so i wrote that down right away, because i wanted to see them and hear what their songs sounded like.

so we went down to Harajuku that day, still nothing up on the home page about the event lol. so i just kept checking twitter, and at last i see the group's official twitter tweet that they will be passing out fliers for several hours in Takeshita Dori before the live. and we were shopping around a little bit since we were there early anyway lol, so we went to this place that sells papapics and after i was finished, it was around 11:30, which was the announced time, and i walk outside to check the front of Takeshita Dori and i spot Hayato right away lol, cuz of his platinum blonde hair xD i make my way up there to get a flier and Hayato and Shunya were together Hayato gave me a flier and told them i learned of AMAZ cuz Shunya followed me on twitter lol, and i guess that made Hayato think i was a Shunya fan, so he kinda walked away lol. but i talked with Shunya and Kyohei and told them i was from America, and they were like "Eh!? America!?" and i talked to them for a bit, and then i asked them if they have songs up on their YouTube, and Shunya and Kyohei said they did, so i told them it was probably not streamed worldwide. and they were like "Omg we need to tell our manager right away!" and i'm pretty sure they did, because the very next day, they posted up new videos with 3 of their songs, and i listened to them right away of course, but i'm back in the U.S. now and i checked it again and i can access the videos. i could also access this one video with them performing in Roppongi Morph, which i couldn't access before, but now i can view it, so everyone else, please also check out their channel! xD https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO23aa2UezHrEWb2QnpjIBg

after chatting with Kyohei and Shunya for a bit, i still wanted to talk to Hayato a bit haha, so i saw him on the other side with Shin-tan, and i went up there and asked him for a handshake, and he shook my hand. he apologized for having sweaty hands lol, but it's okay, it's super hot haha. but then he went off to pass out fliers again before i could tell him i came from America, so i just chatted a bit with Shin-tan. he's so adorable, and he asked me where in America i was from haha. and then i didn't get to talk to Satoyoshi, but he was really cute in person too.

afterwards, there was still a while before the live, which was at 3:00PM, so we walked around a bit, and usually i'm pretty good about being early for things like this, because i knew AMAZ had quite a fanbase and that there would be quite a bit of people there, and i knew JOL was kind of small, but we got distracted in the store that sold uchiwa goods lol. so by the time we got to JOL, it was still sort of early, like maybe an hour early, but there were a ton of people there already. but thankfully, not everyone was there for the live haha, so we were able to get a table when these people left. but then when the live is about to start, there's these girls who stood up in front of the barrier, so we couldn't watch from the table, so we went to stand on these steps off to the side. still was able to see them pretty well though.

there was another group peforming besides AMAZ, called Cubers, so after both groups finished performing, they did a high touch with everyone, and we got to high five both groups. it was really nice. Hayato has really big hands xD after the high touch, they did a sort of buppan thing too, but it was a little different at JOL's. the buppan was basically taking polaroids with them, but i got really confused because they had the paid polaroids, which i bought 3 tickets for, and then there was one free one where you can have a two shot with the member that you like. the first one was the free one, so i lined up and took one with Hayato, and that was when i told him really quick that i came from America, and he was like omg you came all the way just for JOL!? and Kyohei was next to him, and he was like, yup, i talked to her earlier xD after that was over, then it was the buppan time, where you use the tickets, and by the time we got up there, i'm not sure if Shunya and Hayato were already done or what, but only Satoyoshi, Shin-tan, and Kyohei-kun were still there. i got a two shot with Hayato, so that's okay, but i wanted one with Shunya too, because he was so nice to talk to. but oh well, it's okay, at least i got to meet Shunya, i guess haha. but i go to take the photo, and Shin-tan remembered me and he was like, oh, the girl from earlier! i guess you really do leave an impression if you tell them you're from overseas haha. so i took my three pictures, and we had to go, cuz other people were waiting, couldn't really stay for long, but they were all really nice :D

i'm so mad i don't get to go see their first one man live, which is on August 23rd, so it was after i had to leave Japan. but i wish them the best of luck though! hopefully i'll get to go to one someday, because AMAZ is actually really good. they're different from MADKID in that they are more of an idol type of artist, and they sing more cute pop kind of songs, and MADKID is more hip hop and R&B inspired, but they're a really good group too, so do check them out!! sadly i wasn't able to meet Yuto though, but i'm sure he's an awesome person too xD 
i was very lucky to be able to go to their live on August 15th as well! this time, the live was at Shibuya GAME, which was more of a club kind of place, but it's not a creepy place or anything, because everyone there is just there to enjoy some music by their favorite artists. even though it's kind of like a club, you only get a ticket for one drink anyway, whether it's alcoholic or not, so no one would be walking around drunk and doing stupid things.

only thing i didn't like about GAME was that people were smoking in there and it smelled like cigarettes the entire time, but i liked how the stage was, because it wasn't as high up this time. if you're standing at the very front to watch your favorite artist, you would only be a little bit shorter than them, and the artists looked at the front row way more often compared to at ReNY's.

once again, there were a ton of other artists, and it went just about as long as ReNY's did last time, but i didn't stay until the very end today xD anyway, i was there for MADKID once again, and i didn't know what other artists were lined up, but i was happy to see that Onigily was also there! i later went to Onigily's buppan and bought their stickers and took a polaroid with Yuya and Tomoya, and told them i was from America and that i saw them for the first time at ReNY's when i went to watch MADKID.

MADKID's turn was sort of towards the middle end. we went right up to the front of the stage in front of the barriers, and Kazuki-kun is standing right in front of me, so i wave to him, and he recognizes me and waves back. though, all of MADKID knew i was gonna be there again haha. they sang "Light Up", "Love Me", "HYPE", and "All Day All Night", which is their latest single, so go check it out and download it on iTunes if you haven't yet! xD it's a really good song. you can preview the chorus a bit on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ffka3k-p4I

there's also this one point, i think it was when they were performing HYPE, and Yuki sees me, and i wave to him, and he smiles. there's a part in HYPE where it's like a call and respond kind of thing where the members say "MDKD" and the fans reply "Say Play With Me" and Yuki puts his mike in front of me at that part. it was so nice of him ;__; it was so fun.

we went to the back to get a drink, and some food, and we're just waiting, because Onigily and this other group was already doing buppan in the back. it was much smaller than ReNY's and they don't have the big lobby space, so there was only two tables and the artists just rotate to take turns. it was supposed to be MADKID's turn after Onigily, but i guess they didn't have enough time, so MADKID ended up not being able to do buppan sadly :( so no polaroids with them for today. but then i had written letters for all of the members, and i was like, okay, great, how will i get it to them now?

and we were just about to leave, when we spot Casey come out from the staff area! he was talking to some other fans, so i went up to him and just handed him all of the letters and asked him if he could give it to all the members, and he took them. and then we were about to walk out the door, and i see Yuki walk right in front of us, and he opens the door for us to go through, and then there's Lin standing outside, and he says hi to me, and then You-ta and Kazuki are also outside, and they both go "arigatou" and i got to talk to them a little bit before leaving. they all thanked me for coming and told me to come again. i only got to talk to Honoka-san a little bit, but it was nice being able to see her. she's so cute and little haha.

we walked the wrong way though haha, so we turned back, and then MADKID was across the street, and Casey sees us and he waves really big, and the other members wave too, so we waved back at them. they're so cute xD seriously some of the nicest people ever. it doesn't really feel like i'm meeting a celebrity, it felt more like i'm just supporting a group of friends who are trying to pursue their dreams. i really hope they can start having some one man lives eventually. they have talent, and they really do treasure their fans a lot. after getting to see them live twice, they've become even more special to my heart. 
yaho~! tadaima~!! i am back from Japan~! so much has happened within these two weeks there, and i've met so many wonderful people. i wish i could talk about everything, but i think i'm going to keep the posts fandom related haha, the rest of the private stuff will stay in my own private diary xD i wouldn't call any of these reports though, more like it's just my experience of everything :)

anyway, so the first live i went to while in Japan was an event that MADKID participated in, and it was on August 5th, which was the second day i was in Japan. i thought i was going to be by myself at first, but then i tweeted on twitter that it's gonna be my first time going to a MADKID live, and that i'm from overseas, and Casey and Lin retweeted it, and some other fans also retweeted it, so i was able to meet one girl who was a Casey fan. we hung out at Harajuku until it was almost time for the live to start.

so the way these lives work, it's not a one man live, and i don't think MADKID has ever done a one man yet. but in these events, a ton of other artists participate in it, and each artist has maybe about 15 minutes to perform. the first live i went to took place in Shinjuku ReNy's, which was a rather nice venue. it went on from 3:30 to 9:30, and at the very end of the live, each artist has a table outside in the lobby to sell goods, and the artists themselves are there to do the selling, and you get to talk to them and maybe take polaroids with them for some.

i didn't know any of the other artists at all haha, but i like live events like these because i often discover someone that i like, and i did haha. i discovered another group called Onigily, and they're a really awesome duo. but anyway, the nice thing about events like this at livehouses is that you don't have to worry about the order you go in, it's almost a guarantee that you will see the artist that you like up close, because people go up to the front to watch their favorite artists, and then once they're done, they move out of the way so that people who really like the next artist can watch right at the very front. i thought it was a really nice system that they had, and i got to see MADKID so up close. however, i think at ReNy's though, the stage is actually pretty high haha, so all of the members, except for Lin was kind of looking overhead as they performed, which i found weird because obviously all of their fans are at the front row xD but Lin was very good with interacting with the fans at the front, and at one point, he made eye contact with me, so i waved at him, and he smiled and waved back.

i was super amazed with Casey though. when i watched the music video for HYPE, which was the first MV that they did with Casey, his dance still had that Johnny's touch in it, but when i saw him on stage that day, he was absolutely amazing. i was amazed at how much he had improved in such a short amount of time! he also got to sing solo parts too, such as the English lines in Light Up, and he actually sounds good. i dunno what the hell Johnny's was doing this entire time keeping him as a back dancer. i'm kind of glad he quit and is in such a wonderful group right now.

there were a lot of wonderful artists, and i can't remember all their names, but i was there for MADKID anyway haha. so after everyone finished performing, we went outside to the lobby to wait for MADKID to sell goods, and they call this "buppan". the girl who came with me, Mao-chan, she's a huge Casey fan, and he knows her face cuz she goes to just about every single one of their lives lol, and she always talks to him on twitter haha, so she takes me to their table to introduce me to Casey, but before she even said anything, Kazuki sees me, and he goes like "You're the girl from the video! You finally made it!" i was so happy he remembered me! i was expecting to be super nervous, but it was actually very easy to just chat with them. Kazuki was super nice, he's really talkative, and he shook my hand and thanked me for coming all this way to see them. i mean, it wasn't like i planned my trip around MADKID lol, but i just got really lucky that they happened to have two events planned while i was there. so i bought a MADKID sticker, and took a polaroid with all of the members.

when i took the polaroid with them, Kazuki was like "Arisu-chan, right?" and then i told them my real name, and Casey goes like "My real name is Anderson" lol xD oh Casey. he's exactly like the way we've seen him on TV. he's such a dork, but he's really cool and chill, and very easy to talk to.

i had brought souvenirs for everyone too, but then Casey had tweeted that he wasn't going to accept anything else besides letters anymore because he felt bad, but i had already bought the stuff when i saw the tweet lol. so i mentioned that, and Casey starts trying to hide behind this big pillar lol, so i went up to him and just started talking to him in English since the girls that i met all wanted to hear him speak in English xD and i told him it was just chocolate, and nothing expensive, so he took it and just said "Thank you" but the rest of the time he only spoke to me in Japanese xD and then i told him that i have a share for Honoka-san (their manager) too, but Honoka-san wasn't there on the 5th, cuz she has other jobs such as being a makeup artist. and then Casey says he'll eat it for her lol.

i also painted postcards for Kazuki and Yuki's birthdays to give to them. i was happy that Yuki seemed to really like it. he told me that i made him look cooler than he really was, but i told him he looks much cooler in person, and he shakes his head haha. Yuki is really cute too. it's really funny, because him and Lin are the most shy members xD Lin didn't really try to talk to anyone after the live though, despite giving so much fanservice while on stage haha. they're all really nice people though, and i had a lot of fun. it was great meeting not just the members themselves, but also making new friends who were also fans of MADKID. it's a great experience, and something you can never do with Johnny's idols xD but i'll talk more about my experience with Gamushara later haha.