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30 November 2014 @ 01:23 pm
been a long time since i last did a vlog, and i just came across 2 new fandom vocabulary words that i haven't gone over yet as i talked to my Japanese friends on twitter, so here it is~ :D

i'm soooo happy~~!! Mizuki and a group of a lot of less popular Jrs have been featured in the new issue of TV Fan~!! anyway, i found a picture where i was able to read all of his individual interview, but as soon as i can get good scans with the crosstalk, i'll probably translate that as well xD but for now, here is Mizuki's interview! and the blue are my side comments xD

TV Fan January 2015: Kobayashi Mizuki
My favorite thing is ketchup. Even my lunch today was ketchup onigiri. My least favorite food is fish. My admired sempai is A.B.C-Z’s Kawai-kun. Both his skills and his passion, I’ve admired him for about 4-5 years. I think lately I have gotten close with Fukazawa-kun, who also likes Kawai-kun a lot. I feel like Fukazawa-kun and Kawai-kun understand each other, so I’m still not at par in terms of that. Lately, at school, I’ve been studying all the time to build up my English skills. (I can teach you English~~!!) My class is fun. My specialty is drums, so I’m most excited when I’m playing the drums. This year’s best memory was backing for A.B.C-Z’s tour. I was surrounded by people who were great with instruments, so I was able to get a lot of advice. I love to sing. Ever since I was little, I loved to sing. (I wanna hear you sing~!! Even if you suck at it lol) I love to dance too. As for acting, I would like to appear in a drama. (*hint hint* half-time Jr. drama, please, Johnny-san!!) At first, I was influenced by Ikuta Toma-kun, so that’s why I wanted to join the agency. But acting is still an unknown world to me, so right now, what I want to do the most is sing. When I get the chance to hold the mic, I will do my best in order to make it a regular thing. (*sobs* I was so happy to him with the mic on Shokura this month) I’m often known for my smile and being energetic, but I also want people to be able to find parts of me that aren’t like that. (I have been seeing all your other expressions on stage too~! Gap moe <3) When I’m playing the drums, I have on a serious expression, and I also try to be cool when I dance. A Jr. that I’m close with is Tera (Teranishi). We hang out a lot in our private lives too. (Yoshizawa) Shizuya and Hara-chin are my rivals. I haven’t seen Shizuya in so long, I want to hang out! (ohhh~~! Shizuya said Mizuki was his rival on JuniLand too!! My two faves! Good to know they’re still good friends. I miss them as shinme members.)

Kobayashi Mizuki
July 7, 1995, Kanagawa
Blood type A
Has brother that is 2 years younger (his brother is the same age as mine...)
15 November 2014 @ 09:51 pm
went shopping by myself today haha xD i went to Daiso to get some small foil cupcake wraps to try to make Ochikeron's steamed kabocha buns and also to buy some cute Christmas accessories, and i came out with a buttload of stuff lol. spent almost $60 there. man...everything is only $1.50 but it sure adds up when you buy a bunch of things lol. no wonder they make profit haha. anyway, i haven't gone to Daiso in a really long time and they have some new cosmetics at first. i was getting tired of seeing the same old Kleancolor stuff lol, even though it was super cool at first when they first brought them in xD but this time they had a bit of new stuff from Kleancolor and lots of things from a new brand that they just brought in called Santee and they had a lot of awesome things. i wish they had some eyeshadow palettes from Santee though. anyway, here's all the stuff that i bought today, under the cut xD

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13 November 2014 @ 09:14 pm
ahhhhhh~~~!! i've been waiting~~!! Mizuki finally got featured on Jr. Meikan on TakiChannel~!! :D i'm soooo happy~~!! i've been waiting lol, because a lot of Jrs in his line-up have been getting featured and i've just been so impatient haha. this week i just happened to forget that there were going to be new Jr. Meikan updates and then i see on twitter that he's one of the featured Jrs and i just wanted to jump for joy xD he's sooooo cute~~!! this one was my favorite photo that i chose keep for my Jr. gallery on TakiChannel

Jr. Meikan 1

i think it's okay for me to post this, since it's open for viewing to the public on TakiChannel, but if not i'll delete it, or at least lock this post haha xD you can see the rest of the photos on TakiChannel under the Jr. Meikan tab.

i couldn't decide which picture to choose haha. but nothing is better than his smile xD he tried to do one photo with a cool face and it looked like a mugshot lol. but his natural smile is the best, although it's hard when you're just taking photos haha. i can tell when it's a real smile from Mizuki because his eyes actually get all squinty when he's really smiling xD  the video message however, i won't post since that is only supposed to be viewable only to TakiChannel subscribers and it won't be fair to those who pay every month for the special features. but i will say that Mizuki was super duper adorbs, and i missed hearing his voice so much!! he did an air drum performance for a few seconds lol, because he didn't have a real drumset there with him to show us his true ability, but i enjoyed it xD and then for his goals and dreams, somehow i feel glad that he didn't say to debut, since that's not something that can happen for everyone, but his answer was just that he wants to become someone who can make people smile and bring them dreams just by doing what he enjoys to do. i hope that even if he never gets to debut that he will become a Jr that can appear in lots of different kinds of stages.

i'm a bit sad though because i think Mizuki has lost weight though :( his cheeks look a bit more hollow. hope he's not stressing himself out too much with juggling work and school, since he is a college student at the same time. please take care of yourself Mizuki~! ganbatte~!! rooting for you all the way! <3 
11 November 2014 @ 04:19 pm

okay, so i've been seeing tweets on twitter the past few days about how Kishi-kun apparently went back to black hair in the latest Shounen Club reports, and THIS was the reason why!! he's going to be in next season's NTV late-night Jr drama slot as the main role~~!! the drama is going to be called Onii-chan Gaccha and the main actress is that little girl, Suzuki Rio. so the story is like this, Rio is an elementary school student who longs to have a perfect older brother, and Kishi-kun is going to be a toy who plays out that perfect ideal onii-chan for her. this sounds soooo weird lol, but hey, we've already seen 49, and a whole bunch of weird yankee dramas, so this isn't phasing me lol.

i was excited when i saw this news, but i looked at the additional Jr cast and oh my flipping gosh i am SUPER excited~~!! but before i go off, this is the full list of Jrs who will be appearing in the regular cast: Miyachika Kaito, Nakada Hiroki, Yoshizawa Shizuya, Kajiyama Asahi, Hara Yoshitaka, and Meguro Ren!!

OMG!! that's 4 out of the 9 members of Travis Japan that will be in this drama, and within them, Shizuya is chosen~~!! omg i'm so excited because he's like way up there on my list right next to Mizuki!! i'm sooooo happy~~!! and then Hara-kun and Meguro-kun are such underrated Jrs, but i'm super happy for them because they're Jrs within Mizuki's line-up of dancers (both are super good btw), so it seems like it's possible that one day Mizuki could get chosen to be part of the cast for one of these dramas one day. i am LOVING this cast list. i can't wait for January to come, cuz this drama starts right on New Year's day. i wish we could skip this Busaiku drama so we can hurry up and watch this lol.

anyway, aside from the regular cast, there will be other Jrs who will apparently be guesting in episodes, and that includes Morita Myuto, Kyomoto Taiga, Matsuda Genta, Matsukura Kaito, Fukasawa Tatsuya, Abe Aran, Iwamoto Hikaru, and Tamamoto Fumito.

that's quite a lot of Jrs there lol, i wonder what all their roles will be xD but i am VERY excited. can't wait for 2015 haha~~. promises yet but...i've got my eye on this drama for my next project xD i'll annouce it if i decide to take on this project when the time comes :D 
08 November 2014 @ 10:36 am
so i've been following this twitter account ( for the whole week since it's been made and i now have no doubt that this is indeed the real Morimoto Ryutaro. private selfies, there's no more proof that you need other than that xD and he's been pretty much posting one everyday, and since Ryutaro was one of my favorites in Hey! Say! JUMP, i know him when i see him. this is pretty clear now that he is no longer going to be with Johnny's Entertainment anymore, and i'm totally fine with that. go pursue what you want to do, Ryutaro. start up a new career, or work behind the scenes for movies or whatever it was that you're studying in university right now, or even just live life normally.

that said, i've finally changed his tag, so he's not under the "hsj: morimoto ryutaro" tag anymore, but just plain "morimoto ryutaro" :) i don't really know how often i'm gonna be writing about him though, since i barely even talk about JUMP anymore ever since getting into the Jr. fandom haha, but it's still nice to keep the tag to keep track of old entries that i've written on him.

it feels nice to finally have a clear answer. now i won't feel guilty putting up any 9-nin JUMP posters xD some of them are actually nice too haha. speaking of posters, i think i'm gonna change up the ones on my wall right now and rotate them with some newer ones that i got from some new magazines that i bought a while back.

and i'll end this post with the latest photo that Ryutaro posted on his twitter xD he sure loves dogs haha, that part of him didn't change at all~ <3


oh and one more from yesterday cuz i found it hilarious how he got a ton of retweets and favorites for taking a photo at Walmart xD he's apparently in Hawaii right now, not in Japan haha.

07 November 2014 @ 03:35 pm
ah~ it's been so long since i've done a Shokura flail post xD i want to try to get back into it haha. not sure if i can actually keep up like i used to but i'll try starting again with this week's Shounen Club haha.

so this week, the theme is Colors, and they started the opening with Kimi Iro Omoi. this song is covered quite often by Jrs a lot and reminds me of Ya-ya-yah cuz they used to sing it a lot on the livestages for that show haha. but anyway, this month's Shokura, i heard that my Mizuki would be singing and well...i didn't expect it to be right in the opening! xD i was kinda just watching it through streaming on dailymotion at first haha and it was kinda LQ xD and then i see him behind Taiga and i'm like, oh he's back dancing in this song! but then i realize, the back is all younger Jrs, and then from a different angle i see him changing position with someone and he's wearing the same costume as the main performing Jrs so i go back and watch again and i'm like OMG!! MIZUKI IS SINGING!! HE'S HOLDING A MIC!! i'm soooo excited for him!! as a Jr, it means a lot to be able to hold a mic and sing, even if it wasn't a solo performance. i hope it stays this way!

and then they continue with the Jr. medley and OMG it was an awesome medley. Hirano Sho starts off with KisuMai's "Black&White" and it's still just as cool as the last time he performed it. but he had some more sempai Jrs with him last time, like Tera and etc but i think that group of Jrs are with KisuMai on tour right now. and then Nagase Ren performed Murasaki, and i really like that song too. but i found one Jr that i don't know! i don't know who the kid mirroring Manaya was! Hashimocchan though, he's grown up so much!! and then we got Kishi, Aran, and Miyachika leading NEWS's "Akaku Moyuru Taiyou" and they come out in those nostalgic Ya-ya-yah costumes!! i loved it!! i also liked that i could pick out each of their voices xD and then Genki, Jin-chan, Kauan and Takahashi Kaito lead KAT-TUN's "GOLD" and that was really awesome too. but JiguIwa totally is a thing everywhere haha. and the medley finishes with Sho, Ren, and TakaKai leading NYC's "Aoi Kisetsu." it's gotta be one of my favorite Jr. medleys :D

then it was a talk segment with Sexy Zone and the three of them had to answer Kawai-kun and Akito's questions without giving the same answer or else they would get hit xD the first question was what they want to eat in the fall and Shori and Kento both put down mackerel so they both got hit, except Kento wanted to do the hitting too so Shori got hit by two people xD and then the next question was their most memorable Sexy Zone songs and then Shori and Kento both put down "Sexy Zone" so they got hit again, and once again Kento wanted to be mean and hit Shori again so he got hit twice again lol. and then Kawai-kun was commenting on how thin Shori's arms were and i was like, yup, please don't break his arm when you hit him xD

and then they went off to sing Bad Boys and was alright...i still miss MariSou. but i hate that i actually start to like OtokoNever now, and i know the entire hand choreography to the song lol. but ugh i think they're really starting to try to make ShoRen and Takakai a thing. it's probably cuz they're in Dream Boys right now, but as much as i love the three of them, i'm getting a bit tired of it. i miss having Sho and Ren with the Kansai Jrs. they've kind of phased out Naniwa Ouji and Kin Kan and i'm not happy about that. i'm happy to see that Amu is back though! although they hardly zoomed up on him =.= feels like they're shoving him into a corner...

Shokura Blog this time was Jin-chan and he showed a photo of him with Kishi, Genki, Aran, and Miyachika and talked about how they were his precious friends that he can talk to anything about. i love you for that Jin-chan!

after that they showed the studio recorded performance of Marius singing Miyavi and Paraiso with Jinguji and Genki. Genki's pronounciation was actually not too bad xD Jin-chan can probably use some vocal training haha, but let's be real, there aren't very many Johnny's who can actually sing well anyway since they focus more on dancing haha. but Marius has such a pretty voice. i'm glad puberty didn't ruin his beautiful voice.

this week's Nekketsu Battle was hilarious xD because in Japan, schools often have their sports festivals in the fall, they did a mini one on Shokura and it was funny lol. but i noticed that they messed on on Sho's name when they put the naming credits on him haha. they were all so energetic and loud though lol. i was surprised that Kento's team lost on tug-o-war cuz they had Sho and Tsuka-chan lol but they were no match against Team Kikuchi at all haha. then had the ball toss, and it didn't matter which color gets into the basket, the one with more in the end wins, and Tsuka-chan did a good job catching them and blocking Aran off xD the last battle they had a relay race on tiny tricycles and i thought Kento team would win but Kishi kinda broke the front wheel of the tricycle when he fell over so Kento couldn't move forward and Fuma won lol.

JWEST performs Jipanku, Ookini Daisakusen for the first time on Shokura, and i just got reminded that i don't have this single lol, even though they released it ages ago haha. and as usual their song is kind stupid, but it's catchy and fun to listen to xD

Jr. ni Q! the theme this time was "At that time, my history began to move!" and the first one up was Genki. he talked about how 2 years ago in Johnny's World, he performed as center with Jin-chan for a song, and afterwards, the choreographer told him in front of a whole bunch of other Jrs that he didn't understand why Genki was put for center. the choreographer told him that Jin-chan was way more popular and would make a much better center than he did, and that made Genki feel frustrated, but it helped him work harder and he felt grateful for that comment. but man, that's a harsh comment though. and it wasn't just one on one either, it was said to him in front of everybody. i would feel so bad if someone did that to me.

next up was Shintaro, and he talked about how he actually met Johnny-san while at a restaurant with his mom and grandma, and Johnny-san, having a good nose for finding talent, his eyes stopped on Shintaro and tried to recruit him. unexpectedly, it wasn't really his mom, but his grandma that kept talking to Johnny-san lol, and she encouraged him to join the agency, even though he wasn't interested at all. but i think a part of this story is missing, because, correct me if i'm wrong, but i thought it was because he thought he looked like Ryutaro and wanted him to join. not sure if Ryutaro was also there, but i think i've heard about this story before with how Shintaro ended up in the jimusho. but either way, we gotta thank Morimoto obaa-chan for pushing Shintaro into joining Johnny's or else he wouldn't be where he is right now haha.

and then Tajima brought out his bear that he carried with him the entire time during Kinkyori Renai, Justice lol xD Justice has become quite popular lately haha~~. i've been starting to like Tajima a lot lately. he didn't really stand out to me when i first knew him, but he looks really pretty now. he's such a dork though xD he said Justice is like his mama, always telling him to do things haha~~. i think it's just the cutesy character that he wants to keep selling and continue that image from Kinkyori though. i don't know if he's really showing us the real Tajima, but meh, he's an idol xD

Haba-chan talked about during his first concert, a lot of the chibiko Jrs got paired up with an older Jr so that they would know what to do, and he was paired up with Yasui-kun, and Yasui-kun was super nice to him, so he started to look up to Yasui-kun ever since then. but then Haba-chan's ultimate admired sempai is still Sho-chan, haha, so when asked if he had to choose between Yasui-kun or Sakurai Sho, he chose Sho-chan haha.

last was Jesse, and he talked about how he almost died one he was in his 5th/6th grade when he went fishing on a cayak with his dad and his dad's friend. they went out too far and the waves got really strong and flipped them over, and he would've drowned if his dad's friend didn't save him. and they swam all the way back to shore too...sounds pretty scary.

after Jr. ni Q was A.B.C-Z performing "Happy Happy Day"! i didn't recognize Nozawa-kun at first cuz of his poodle hair xD but KishiTaka was really pretty~~!! but the best part of this performance, for me at least, was Mizuki being in it xD he was sooooo cute~~!! i love his smile so much, he makes me so happy. i was just smiling the entire time as i watched him xD and then there was Shintaro lol. i don't know why, but he was just super into the dance and it just looked really funny cuz he's so freaking bulky xD

next was a new segment called Oshiete Maru Maru Sempai, where Jrs ask their sempai to teach them things. so ShoRen and TakaKai wanted to ask Fuma to teach them how to make subtle and sexy eye contact with the camera lol, so they practiced how to find the camera and it was kind of funny xD and then in the end they had Kawai-kun and Akito do the same thing as they introduce the next song haha.

the next song was JiguIwa leading KAT-TUN's "Lips" and surprisingly their voices suited the song. even Jin-chan's weird nasally voice haha. i have a pretty bad voice fetish so i'm picky about voices, and both of their voices aren't quite in my strike zone, but if i had to choose, i would say i like Genki's voice a lot better xD and i love you Jin-chan but you don't know how to rap, i'm sorry lol. but these two are definitely one of the strongest and most charismatic pairs among the Jrs right now. i get really amazed every time i watch them, especially Genki because i've known him since way back when he was still just a really shy timid kid, still a bit traumatized from the bullying that he had experienced in school, but now he's like...camwhore kinda idol xD not that it's a bad thing though haha. i'm glad to see that his confidence has gone up and he's really worked hard to come this far.

next was Tsuka-chan's segment lol, and it looks like he's gonna be keeping Hama-chan as his partner in crime from now on xD but i swear lol, this segment, the first theme that comes out is always consulting Tsuka-chan with worries lol. isn't there anything else in that box, Tsuka-chan? xD cuz your advice is always useless unless it has to do with body building lol. and then Hama-chan and Kotaki had a competition seeing who can pick up more beans with chopsticks within 30 seconds xD man i would be so confident in this game haha, i'm confident in using chopsticks haha~~. but Kotaki ended up winning by one more bean lol.

the last song for this episode was Sexy Zone's "4 Seasons"! i love this song a lot. i have to say though, that all the chibiko Jrs from the past have grown up so much. like...i don't even know if i should be calling them chibiko anymore lol cuz they're not that tiny anymore xD

and then in Shori's Omake segment, Hokuto and Jesse played the bean game that Kotaki and Hama-chan did, and that was a much more worthy competition lol. Shori sucked though lol, but Hokuto and Jesse were pretty good. in the end, Hokuto won though. as expected since he said he won a competition in elementary school xD

this week's was a fun episode, and i can't wait for next week's! Mizuki is gonna be singing again next time~ :D 
05 November 2014 @ 10:11 am
lol, i have about 2 hours to kill before i have to head off to work today and i found this old LJ post of mine from a little over 3 years back where i tried to name as many Johnny's members as i could, so i thought why not try it again xD last time it totaled up to exactly 100 members, but i'm sure i can name way more than that now haha. challenge start! gonna go from the most sempai members for debuted groups and then Jrs i'll be listing randomly xD once again i may not know everyone's full names, especially the dai-sempai xD and i'll be listing members based off how the groups are currently, so members who have left will be put under the ex-Johnny's list, or on their own if they've gone solo but still in JE.

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01 November 2014 @ 09:49 pm
wow, been so long since i made 2 posts in one day haha. but anway, Ryutaro...i haven't talked about him in so long. in fact i haven't even been talking about JUMP for a long time haha, been too deep in the Jr fandom, but...Ryutaro was someone really special to my heart. i adored him very, very much, and i was really shocked when that scandal broke out a little over 3 years ago. it hurt like hell, part of me felt like i was betrayed and all but in the end i forgave him and everything and just kept waiting for him to come back.

well, he's back...

i think...

not with Johnny's though...just on twitter. which probably means, he has left Johnny's for good.

i'm still a bit skeptical about it because everytime someone brought my hopes up about his return, it was crushed, so i never believed any of the stuff about him coming back to entertainment, and there's also always people who try to pretend to be him too.

but i think this time it's legit, although i'm still not fully believing it, even though he's posted up a private self photo of himself just earlier, and a photo of his dog, and we all know what his dog looks like if we've watched Snow Prince with Shintaro, because that was actually their own dog, Chibi. and it's all too much of a coincidence so i think this time, for real, it's actually him.

i'm still giving myself a little while for this all to sink in though, but i think at long last, i'm about to get closure on this whole thing.

i'm no longer even sad about it. i'm just happy to see that he's doing well, that he made it out of high school and is doing fine in university as just a regular citizen rather than as an idol. a part of me actually feels kind of happy that we will get to connect with him and know more about him through social media even. even if he makes the decision to never return to the entertainment industry, i will still wish him luck with whatever he decides to pursue. he's still a person that i hold dear to my heart, and his happiness is all that i wish for. i'm glad to see you surface again, Ryutaro baby, and remember that this onee-chan will be with you no matter what. just don't ever do anything stupid ever again, baka :) 
01 November 2014 @ 07:56 pm
i think i need to come back to do more flailing in my journal lol. i've been on Facebook and Twitter a lot more these days haha, and i kinda miss "documenting" my time in this fandom with my posts xD

but anyway, omg i'm so excited for this month's Shokura~~!! cuz Mizuki got to hold a mike!! :D i haven't seen him hold a mike ever since he introduced himself as a fresh Jr back in 2009 and he was still a chibiko Jr then! i wasn't his fan yet back then, cuz i didn't care for Jrs and i was still hardcore into Arashi to even care about other groups back then though haha, but i dug out the episode cuz i wanted to see what chibi Mizuki looked like xD

anyway, he might have held a mike at some point before, but as long as i have been his fan, i haven't seen him hold the mike on Shounen Club before so i'm SUPER happy~! :D he wasn't singing solo, but i'm still excited because as a Jr, it means a lot when you get to hold a mike and sing, even if it's not a solo performance.

i'm really curious as to how Mizuki's singing voice sounds though xD i'm gonna try really hard to try to pick out his voice haha. but even if he sucks at singing, i would still love him for his dance, and as a drummer.

ahhh, so excited!! and this month's performances look like they'll be really good too, and i also can't wait to see the game in Nekketsu Battle cuz it looks fun from what i saw in the Monthly TV Guide magazine. i can't wait!! Mizuki ganbare~! <3