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long time no vlog haha xD and i received my copy of YOLO Moment in the mail a few days ago, so i thought i would do an unpackaging video of it, and on whim i decided to also film a second vlog introducing YANAKIKU xD

11 April 2015 @ 10:11 pm
April 8th episode of Shokura~! i absolutely LOVED this one because so many songs that i love~~!! the theme was "Seishun" or "youth"!

and they started off with "Seishun Amigo" by the legendary Shuuji and Akira. i haven't listened to in a long time, but i LOVE this song so much!! brings me back to the days of Nobuta wo Produce, and also brings me back to my own seishun haha~, because this was one of the songs i listened to a lot back then. it's always a classic favorite of mine, so i was really happy to see the Jrs bring this song back since i don't think they've performed it in a long time. and i laughed after the performance because Kawai-kun was pretending he could speak Spanish by saying random phrases lol.

Sexy Zone performing "Hey! You" was really cute. it's too bad Kento was sick on the day of the recording, but it was a really fun song. i liked how MariSou was acting like they were fighting according to the lyrics as part of the choreography, that part was adorable xD i was a bit mad that they didn't introduce all of the Jrs who were main backs for this tour though. they only introduced all the "popular" ones. but other than that, it was an enjoyable performance to watch. everyone looked like they were having fun, both SZ members, and the Jrs as well, so that was nice.

aaannndd my favorite performance for this whole month~~!! Travis Japan otoutogumi performed Kis-My-Ft2's "Kiss For U"!! one of my favorite KisuMai songs and omg i loved the performance sooo much!! well, i mean, vocal-wise, i think there's better lol, i guess their voices don't blend together quite that nicely, since we all know Johnny's doesn't focus that much on vocals, but as dancers, Travis Japan is a really good team. they're good split between the older and younger groups, but they are really powerful when put together as all 9 members too. i just get amazed every time i see their performances. i am really happy though, to see members of the dance family starting to get some exposure on Shounen Club and i hope they continue to do this, because dance family has lots of talented members as well. and of course, i always enjoy seeing Travis Japan xD

and speaking of Travis Japan, of course i was absolutely happy to see that they backed up Yuma for "YOLO Moment" on this week's episode. it was only otoutogumi, but they gave it a bit of a different kind of aura compared to when the little ones backed Yuma on the previous week. it was still cute, but like...a more grown up kind of cute, if you know what i mean lol. but like usual, they all looked like they enjoyed dancing together and the members have really good chemistry with each other, and with Yuma. it was a lot of fun to watch. i really enjoyed watching Shizuya especially. there's the fact that he is my bias in Travis Japan, but every single time i see him, he has gotten better. in the past, he didn't have that much expression while he's dancing on stage. he was kinda just moving his body, but lately i see that he's starting to have more of a variety of expressions as he dances, and i can see that he is really starting to enjoy himself. and my little Uminchu. well...he's not that little actually lol, he's much taller than me, but he was absolutely precious to watch.

Shokura News, i loved when they did "Monomane Legend" there lol. Masuda Ryo did a monomane of some character, but i don't know the character lol so no comment xD i loved Tera's monomane of Goseki's free dance habit lol, but Reo's imitation of a frog was hilarious lol, he really sounded like one xD and then Sho's monomane of Akito rofl. it wasn't bad lol.

and then there was the actual Monomane Legend lol. i didn't really know the people that Kami-chan and Jesse imitated, but since all of Fukka's were monomane of his sempai it was hilarious cuz it was so spot on xD but of course my favorite has to be when he imitated Kawai-kun's monomane of MatsuJun haha. he did Love So Sweet this time, but i honestly think the one he did of "Wish" in last month's episode was more hilarious haha. i remember when i first saw Kawai-kun's monomane of Jun dancing to "Wish" before i knew that Johnny's was a humongous agency and i laughed so hard at it lol. brings back memories haha.

and then they sang Bittersweet~~!! i love that song so much~!! more Arashi!! they sang so much Arashi this month, which was totally my adolescence haha, so i really enjoyed it xD though Bittersweet is a bit more recent haha, but i absolutely love that song, and i loved ChocoJun xD Taiga was so pretty, and so was Yasui-kun~~! it was also nice seeing Sanapi. i feel like i haven't seen him in a really long time. i wonder what will become of him and Nozawa-kun though. they used to be a thing together but now they're both separated even though they've been paired for so long.

A.B.C-Z performed another new song, which i like more than the one that they performed on the previous week's, but the title is so weird, it's called "Shower Gate". i'm not sure if it's meant to be a sexy song, or if it's just simply a love song lol. the English parts just seem kinda questionable, but then the Japanese lyrics seem nice so i'm confused lol. but either way, i like this song though xD

and the last song of this episode surprised me, they covered Arashi's "Hero" and i was sooo happy to hear this song on Shounen Club. this song was such an inspiration to me as i was trying to find myself back in high school, and it's one of those Arashi songs that really speak to my heart. so this month's episode was seriously letting me look back on my youth. or maybe it would be more accurate to call it adolescence lol, cuz i'm not that old xD i'll just call it "seishun" lol. it's just one of those words that are weird translated to English lol, the nuance is just different haha. i think i'm still living my "seishun" haha. anyway, that's all of my thoughts for this month's Shokura~! :D 
11 April 2015 @ 09:39 pm
hello~! i just thought i would try to go back to writing some fangirl posts haha, so i'm gonna start off with talking about this month's episodes of Shounen Club~ :) i'll try to keep it short by just writing about my favorite parts haha, but i might try to summarize some of the talk parts if there was something really funny or interesting in there xD

okay, so to start off, the April 1st episode! the theme was "deai" which means "meeting" or "encounter", and it's a perfectly suiting theme for April since it's the start of new school year, and people may have just moved to new schools or work, so it's a nice theme.

it started off with Sexy Zone's "With You" and i haven't heard that song in forever, and i still love it. i was really happy to see Tera and Reo as part of the main backs for this performance. and it was nice seeing Tanimu as well. he seems to enjoy dancing so much lately, and i love it. his dance has become so energetic. and to think, he was the negative prince on Johnny's Jr. Land lol.

the next song was Happy Happy Lucky You, and i love this song. it makes me feel so happy xD it was performed by the Dream Boys trio, and JiguIwa, and the "chibi" Jrs in the back. i put quotes on the "chibi" because some of them really aren't so "chibi" anymore. i remember when all of them were so little, but now most of them are my height, or even taller now. it's just so weird!! i mean i wasn't a Jr. fan at the time, but i totally remember when they were part of Snow Prince Gasshoudan. and TamaFumi too, i remember when he first appeared on Jr. ni Q on Shounen Club too. my gosh does time fly.

my most favorite performance of this episode has to be the studio recording part, where Travis Japan anigumi performed Yamapi's "One in a Million" and They Budou performed Arashi's "Yes! No!" i'm not a huge Yamapi fan, but i really like "One in a Million" and i have to say that Travis Japan's performance of it was really awesome. Noeru's acrobats and everything omg, it was awesome. and They Budou was totally unexpected and i got super happy when i heard the song because "Yes! No" is one of my favorite Arashi songs of all times from their One album. it's rare that they cover Arashi songs, and "Yes! No!" definitely wasn't one that i expected them to cover, since that's an album song, although it is a very popular one among Arashi fans. not a surprise that they sang Arashi though, because they do backdance for Arashi when they're not doing stage plays.

and then Yuma~~!! he performed "YOLO Moment" and it was totally not what i expected it to sound like lol. i was expecting it to be some party dance song haha, and even the cover of the single totally makes it seem like that, but this song is so cute lol. and i watched preview of the PV too and it's sooo adorable. i mean, i love Yuma, but i totally bought the single because Travis Japan is in the PV lol. but it was still really cute, and all the little Jrs made it even more adorable. Kawasaki Koki totally reminds me of a young Yabu as i was watching him dance lol. and Wataru was super adorable too. there were a couple of faces that i didn't know though, but i'll probably eventually learn their names one day when they get more exposure.

i also love how when it was Fuma's turn, Kawai-kun had a birthday gift for him and showed us some really nostalgic footage xD i don't think i watched Shokura often back then but i totally remember the B.I.Shadow days, so it was really nostalgic for me. and he performed "20-Tw/Nty", which is one of his new solos from the new album. i actually really like the song a lot. it's just sad that Sexy Zone is such a mess right now, but the songs on the album were actually not bad at all. and knowing me lol, i'm looking at the Jrs in the back more than the main haha~. Tera and Reo were in this performance, and i absolutely love their dance. and later on Hara also comes out and i LOVE Hara's dance so much. he's so cool!! but then off stage he's such an adorable goofball, i love him xD and then i saw Rin and i can't believe just how different he seems now! i mean i haven't seen him since Johnny's Jr. land, but he's grown up so much, and his dance has improved too. though i think he can do without the ear piercing xD

and then there was "Livin' La Vida Loca" and i was laughing at Marius lol. i'm sorry child, you're not cool lol. but i was watching Tera and Hara. they were wonderful. i didn't even pay attention to Jesse and Marius lol. oh i was excited to see Kauan though. feel like i haven't seen him in forever. ugh, Hara though. i love watching his expressions as he dances.

the show ended with V6's "Wa ni natte Odorou" which is covered on Shokura quite often haha. Hara looked so happy xD and Tani was just dancing so energetically, he just seems so different now and seems to enjoy himself. and then Tsuka-chan had to be weird and scream "Waaaa~~!!" lol xD and i just saw Hara bursting out laughing at his sempai in the back and that made me smile haha.

and i ended up covering basically the entire show almost haha, just skipping over a few performances lol, but i really enjoyed this month's performances haha~~. anyway, this is all for the April 1st episode, i'll write up the April 8th episode in a separate post~ :D 
02 April 2015 @ 07:31 pm
it has been a really long time since i've actually done a fandom post, but it is official that Mizuki has left Johnny's Entertainment, and i think i need to do this for myself to come clear i guess. and for some reason i just feel like it's easier to write up my feelings in Japanese, so this blog post will be written in Japanese, maybe with English after it xD it's more like a message for Mizuki anyway, if he ever comes across it lol, but whether he sees it or not, i'm writing it. here we go~






Dear Mizuki,

Thank you so much for everything up until now. I am very happy to have been your fan. I always enjoyed watching you dance with that smile on your face on Shounen Club, concert DVDs, etc. You may not have been the most popular member, nor were you in the front very often, but I could always tell that you always worked really hard. To me, you shined the most. I always gained a lot of power from you.

When you stopped appearing on Shounen Club and concerts for so many months, I didn't want to think that you had quit, but a part of me had a feeling that you did. And today the answer is finally clear. While a part of me is relieved to know, I am also a bit sad. But you decided on your own that you want to pursue a new dream of yours, so as a fan, I am going to cheer you on. You are not a half-hearted person, so I'm sure you thought a lot about this when you came to this decision. That's why, I won't say selfish things like "I wish you would come back." If there is something that you really want to pursue, I decided that I will happily cheer you on.

Just once, I wish I could have seen you shine on stage live, and it's unfortunate that I couldn't, but even through just videos, I gained a lot of power from you. Because you are continuing to work hard, I will work hard as well. I don't know if this message will reach you, but I just wanted to write down my feelings. Every day as a Kobayashi Mizuki fan was happy and a lot of fun. Thank you so much for everything, and I wish you the best of luck with your new dreams and goals! I love you very much!

From an oversea's fan
21 February 2015 @ 09:22 am
hey guys~! i know i don't really sub Hey! Say! JUMP stuff anymore, but an index has been created over at 1jump and it's a compilation of a lot of JUMP stuff that has been subbed by various teams and subbers. you'll be able to find everything that i have subbed, as well as a list of projects that other subbers have subbed of Hey! Say! JUMP.

of course, none of it is the direct link, but it'll lead you to all the corresponding communities who subbed the project, so it'll be easier for you guys to find different communities that sub JUMP stuff, and also keep track of what has been subbed before, and what hasn't.

that said, if you're a JUMP fan, do take a look at the index~ :)
been a long time since i've made a vlog haha, but those of you who follow me on twitter may have seen some Onii-chan, Gacha crafts that I've been making out of this special kind of plastic, so i made vlog on it today since it was a gloomy rainy day outside anyway so perfect day to stay indoors and make crafts. and not just any crafts, fandom crafts xD anyway, here's the vlog~ :D

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11 January 2015 @ 12:24 pm
yaho~! everyone excited for Onii-chan Gacha?? :D i just finished timing the first episode and i'm compressing it right now, and it'll hopefully be up by tomorrow, but for now, i thought i'd make a post to introduce each and every Johnny's Jr. that appears in this drama (there's quite a lot of them)! i have a few screencaps from the first episode of the cast who will be appearing throughout the entire series, so let's start off with them!

first off, our main character, Toi, played by Kishi Yuta~! :D not his first time in a drama obviously and i'm sure most of you have seen him and loved him in Kinkyori Renai~Season Zero~. this time, his character is supposed to be super Do-S, so i'm interested to see how Kishi-kun will  play out the character, since it's totally opposite from his real personality, unlike his role as Kanata in Kinkyori, so i look forward to the next episode!

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i just decided to do a little walk through on how i color my drawings with one of my Onii-chan Gachi drawings xD or rather, my recent way of coloring that i've been doing. i've gone back to using Crayola colored pencils to color again since i got a giant set from my dad a while back. they're probably the best cheap colored pencils you can get to color with and they give nice results if you know how to use them :3 anyway, on to the walk through~!

this is the drawing where i will be showing the process of how i did it :D

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04 January 2015 @ 08:40 pm
first post of the year for 2015~ :D Happy New Year to everyone~!

and my first journal post consists of fanart for Onii-chan, Gacha xD the drama hasn't even started yet, but i've been working on drawings for all of the onii-chans for the past week and i finally finished coloring all of them today :D if you follow me on twitter, you've probably seen it all haha, but just thought i'd post here too. also going to make a walk through of how i color with Taiga's. i had a lot of fun drawing all of them. i suddenly got the idea to make a trading card kind of thing with each of the Jr. characters and i actually drew all 15 of them xD but they were small though, done on half-sized index cards, so it took only maybe about an hour and a half for each one.

i'll put each individual close-up shot under the cut~ :D but my scanner is broken, so it's only photos of them that i took from my iTouch.


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29 December 2014 @ 01:25 pm
lol, i was reading the little comics that the Jrs did on Popolo and i loved this little parody of Hana Yori Dango done by 5nin Sexy Boyz so i scanlated it xD

original scan credit to yoshiko_mama

read and download under the cut!

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