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15 January 2017 @ 03:49 am
Okay, so I totally wasn't expecting to be able to go to this event today, since it was one where you have to make a reservation before going, but I happened to make a new friend yesterday who had an extra reservation and invited me to go! I'm seriously such a lucky person to be meeting all of these wonderful people!

Anyway, today's live was at Yoani Station, and it was a pretty nice venue. It's an actual live venue, not like a clubhouse. The stage wasn't up that high, but it was a very long stage horizontally. The way it worked was that you go about half an hour early to grab a number, and that's the order you line up to go in. It's total lottery, so you better hope your friends also have good numbers xD But they only pass out numbers until #30, and everyone after that who didn't make it in time for the drawing goes in by the order that they line up in. For this particular event though, those who came later got their own number since those numbers were used for a lottery for prizes at the event. Luckily, the number that I drew happened to be right after the friend who invited me to go, so we got to go together.

The live today was a lot of fun, and we got to see a lot of all three artists. It was IVVY and SELLOUT's joint fan meeting, but they also had CloverXClover guest for them. SELLOUT performed first, and I'm seriously starting to like them a lot! Their songs get stuck in my head afterwards lol. Only problem is, they don't have a YouTube channel nor have they released anything on iTunes!! I'm so upset lol, since I want to be able to pop those songs into my phone and just listen to them any time I like xD I really think SELLOUT would do very well. It's hard for me to describe how talented they are and show you guys though, since they aren't taking advantage of social media besides Twitter 😑😑 I enjoyed following along to the dances of their songs though lol, I've seen them enough times to remember some of the simple hand movements 😂😂 But really though, everyone should see SELLOUT at least once. They have a really unique sound of their own as well, I can't exactly label their music as a single genre. And above all else, their three main vocalists, Shohei, Neo, and Liki are super talented, while Shun and Tatsuya are great dancers.

After SELLOUT, it was IVVY's turn to perform. We picked seats in the second row right in front of the center of the stage, so I was totally at a place where I would be spotted lol. I totally met eyes with Hiroto as he was singing,l, and I stared right back, so I'm sure he saw me haha, but turns out he was confused because I told him that yesterday would be my last time seeing IVVY during this trip haha. There was also this one part when they sing "Forever" and for the hand movements, you draw a heart in the air and then point to the front. Toshiki was at the center of the stage and he totally saw me, so I stared back and we drew the heart at each other😆💕

The last group to perform was CloverXClover, who was a guest group at this event, but I honestly think they could've just made it a joint fanmeet for all three groups lol. CloverXClover's really good as well, and I think they have a little bit of their music on YouTube, but their iTunes releases aren't available overseas😭😭

After the performances, all three groups played a game. Basically, they were divided into three teams mixed with members from all three groups. They were divided into Team Shikkari, which is the team of members who usually has everything together. In that team was Yuta (IVVY), Tatsuki (SELLOUT), Liki (SELLOUT), and Keita (CloverXClover). Team Chuukan is like the group in the middle who isn't exactly very perfectionist, but not totally airheaded either, and in that team was Hiroto (IVVY), Taiyu (IVVY), Neo (SELLOUT), Kai (CloverXClover), and Reon (CloverXClover). And the last team was Team Yabai, the airheaded group, which consisted of Toshiki (IVVY), Kento.i (IVVY), Shohei (SELLOUT), Shun (SELLOUT), and Neeeeeta (CloverXClover). One group at a time goes up, and one of the MCs, who are comedians gives one of the members a painful foot massage. The rest has to pretend they're getting one also, and the other two teams have to guess who is actually the one getting the foot massage. There were I think about 5 rounds of the game, and I can't exactly remember the order everything happened in, but I was surprised with Toshiki!! Team Yabai all went for minimal reaction and I totally didn't think Toshiki was getting the foot massage, so he fooled everyone! Some of them are very good actors lol. In the end the team with the least points had a punishment, which was to drink this super sour juice, and Team Chuukan lost. It wasn't all that exciting lol, but the next game after that had something bigger at stake xD

The next game was a game where they split into two teams, and each member has 7 seconds each to pick up as many beans as they could with chopsticks. The losing team has to crossdress in clothing that they like on girls and walk around town in the outfit, and they have to go shop for the clothing by themselves too. I don't know if they were serious about it though lol, but the losing team has to do that in the future, but too bad I won't see them for a while haha, it would be interesting to see lol, especially since a lot of them are so tall, like is there even gonna be any ladies clothes that'll fit them? xD the team's changed up a bit since it became just two games and I can't remember everyone who was on the losing team haha, but it was a pretty intense battle xD

The game segment was pretty fun, and after that, each group did buppan. There weren't as many people today, so it wasn't crowded, which was nice since we were able to take our time for our polaroids. I went to CloverXClover with my friend since she wanted to introduce me to them, and I took a photo with Kai, and he's pretty nice. I also just really like his voice xD after that we went to SELLOUT. We took a group photo together, and I got a solo one with Neo. I love Neo's voice, and also, I think he resembles Johnny's Jr. Hirano Sho a lot xD didn't really get to talk to SELLOUT though haha. We went to IVVY after that, and my friend still had the group photo ticket from the year end party live, but she was afraid of being among the younger fans since some of them can be kind of mean, so I went with her. And when it was our turn, Hiroto grabs my shoulders and said "Why are you here!?I thought I won't get to see you again!" So I jokingly replied, "I wanted to surprise you." And Hiroto was like, "Yeah, I'm surprised! I thought it might've been someone else who looked like you!" xD But I explained to him about my friend having an extra reservation and invited me to go with her, and Hiroto was so happy and said thank you to her for bringing me today xD I didn't really have any request in mind today, so I just let Hiroto take over and he hugged me from behind 😆💕 Ah~, he really has stolen my heart, crushing on him so hard lol. I took one with Toshiki after that, and Toshiki was like, "Haven't seen you since yesterday" xD I told both of them yesterday that it would be at least a year before I could see them again lol. I was honestly happier with Hiroto's reaction though, Toshiki was a little more calm haha, but that's his personality. Hiroto is slightly more childish haha, but that makes him even cuter xD As usual though, for group pics, you have to wait til towards the end, but today wasn't very rushed like at the other venues, which was good. Hiroto and Toshiki both know that I like them best lol, so I always go in between both of them xD My first group one came out blurry, so I asked for a retake, and usually they will do a retake for you for free. I apologized for having to bother them again, but Hiroto and Toshiki were both like "It's not your fault, Karu-chan." And I think something was wrong with that particular camera because it came out blurry again, and the manager came to check our photos and he said "Let's use a different camera," since they have more than one Polaroid camera so the members who aren't taking photos at the moment can also help with taking photos for other members. So I had to go up three times for the group shot, but Hiroto was like "It's okay, it's a bargain, because god knows it's your last day for a while and is giving us this extra time." Which I think he was right haha😆💕 After switching the camera, I finally got one that came our clear, but I definitely appreciated that extra time with IVVY 💕

And that concludes my report for today's live!
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14 January 2017 @ 05:45 am
Another live report for today~! I went to JOL again and today was awesome because not only was MADKID there, but I also like SELLOUT and IVVY quite a bit, so I had lots of fun!

Something that I learned from a friend was that whenever there are live events at JOL and you want to sit in the priority seats in the front, you have to make a purchase of 500 yen and up at the JOL food court. You then tell the vendor that you're going to participate in the event and ask them for a stamp. When the register for purchasing photo tickets open, you give them the receipt and they'll give you a number randomly. When the show starts, there will be a staff member who calls the numbers in order, and that is the order that you go in the priority area. Once you're in, you're free to sit in any seat that you like. Only thing is that you're not allowed to save seats for friends, so you may not be able to sit together, but if people are nice enough, they may be willing to switch seats with you when it is your favorite group.

I met some IVVY fans who were nice enough and let me sit in the front for MADKID's performance, and I switched when it was IVVY's turn. Even in the second row, they were so up close lol. But MADKID I watched straight from the front. They're literally right in your face when they stand at the front of the stage, because JOL's stage is very small. When we were doing the back and forth dance for "Get Started", You-ta was standing right in front of us xD I met eyes with Yuki a few times but he's so cute I couldn't look him in the eyes for long xD It was interesting and very intimate from the priority seat area haha. Though I guess I'm still the type of person who prefers to watch a little further away so I can enjoy the full dance formation, but since this will be my last live seeing MADKID during this trip, I decided to watch from the front. I mean I still see them again in tomorrow's signing event, but there's no space for them to do an in store live at the Shinjuku Tower Records, so in terms of lives, for this trip, it's the last one ;__;

After MADKID was SELLOUT!! I haven't introduced them before but I've actually been following the members in Twitter since the summer of 2015 after I saw them at the same live event that MADKID was in. I didn't pay too much attention to them before, but they were in about 3 lives with either MADKID or IVVY, and I really love their songs! It's just too bad they haven't actually released any of the songs for purchase yet, and I don't know the titles of any of their songs, though I started to recognize them and even remembered parts of the choreography lol. But I have to say, SELLOUT fans are amazing lol, every live I go to, they do the whole choreography. And I'm not saying just hand movements, they legit do the dances lol. Though it was more toned down today since JOL doesn't have a lot of space haha xD I hope they release things for download one day!!

IVVY was the last group to perform, and I tried to watch everyone, but Hiroto stole all the attention from me lol. I mean I watched Toshiki partially whenever he stood on my side of the stage, but for the most part I just ended up staring at Hiroto xD Not only do I love his voice, but he's also a powerful dancer as well, so I just couldn't look away. He's so cool!!! I have to say, IVVY as a group really is well rounded though. They're all powerful performers, and beautiful voices, as well as beautiful visuals too.

After each group finished performing, it was buppan time, which for JOL is just polaroids. I thought it was going to be really crowded since all three groups are rather popular, and it's a Friday night but I forget that having work and school on a Saturday is normal in Japan haha. But it was nice because you get more time to talk to the members. Buppan at Vuenos was chaotic so I didn't get to go around to other groups besides MADKID and IVVY and I had been wanting to take one with SELLOUT, so I got photos with all three groups xD

The lines weren't all that bad either. I was afraid that we would run out of fine, so I quickly took one with SELLOUT and then went to MADKID's line because I wouldn't be as sad if I missed IVVY's compared to MADKID lol, so I went to their line after. When it was my turn with them, they complimented how my outfit suited me today xD I was wearing a denim overall dress with a pink sweater under and they said it suited me, and said I looked like Shizuka-chan from Doraemon xD But I was happy because it's the first time MADKID ever complimented me haha. I also gave them a month early Valentine's gift, which were these cute little macaroons shaped like animals that I saw while walking in Harajuku. I gave each member a different animal based on what I thought suited them. Lin-kun got a frog, since he loves frogs, and You-ta's was a bear, Kazuki got the panda, and Yuki got the dog. I told Yuki that he seems kind of like a puppy, so that's why he gets the dog shaped macaroon and he was like "I get told that sometimes" xD I wanted to talk to them more but I felt bad for making my friend wait her turn, even though she didn't mind, but it felt like their manager kinda wanted to rush to the next person so I moved out of the way.

Finally I went to IVVY's and turns out that even at JOL, IVVY's system for taking photos is the same as usual, two shots first and then come back towards the end for the group shot. I bought only two IVVY photo tickets at first but after taking two shots with Hiroto and Toshiki, I went to buy one more since I wanted a group shot too. Hiroto and Toshiki called me "Karu-chan" when they saw me, which made me happy that they remember my name~! :D Hiroto kept asking me, "When are you going to come back again?" And I told him, at the very least, one year, and he told me not to forget about them. What in the world would even make you think that I would forget you, Hiroto? xD I asked to do a pinky promise pose with him as like a promise that I'll come see them again, and ugh just having to stare into his eyes as we took the photo just made my heart skip beats xD After that was Toshiki's turn, and he told me that he read my letter, which made me happy, but I kind of forgot what exactly I wrote xD He was super nice though, and I was able to just give him a hug for our photo haha. I didn't get as nervous as with Hiroto xD They're both so cute though!! I waited in line again for the group photo after and when we were done, Toshiki and Hiroto were like, "Please come watch us again!" Yes, it's a promise!

And we kind of hung out until all the groups left. It was fun today since I loved all the groups today xD and that concluded today's live report!!
08 January 2017 @ 09:15 am
Hey guys~! Today I went to AMAZ and Lv.FIVe's mini live at Harajuku JOL! For those of you who don't know, Harajuku JOL is a food court and entertainment space on the second floor of a building called So La Do in Takeshita Dori. A lot of times, artists go there to perform free mini lives, so it's a nice place to discover new artists, or to see an artist that you like when you are short of money xD

The first time I ever saw AMAZ was when I was in Japan a year and a half ago, and I still remember them passing out flyers at the entrance of Takeshita Dori. A lot has happened since then, and AMAZ is reaching their second year, and they even now have a kouhai group called Lv.FIVe. I had been hoping that I would be able to see both groups during this trip, and I'm very happy that they happened to have one at JOL again. The sad thing though, is that my favorite member, Hayato, is actually going to be leaving the group at the end of the month because his health hasn't been well and he had been pushing himself. The agency was going to just put his activities on hold, but because Hayato is a person who always feels lots of responsibility, he doesn't want to drag the group down, so he decided to graduate from the group.

I guess I have to say that I'm very lucky to be able to see Hayato as a member of AMAZ for one last time before I return to America. I was only going to watch the first showing at first, but I decided to stay for the second one as well, since this would be the only time that I get to see AMAZ and Lv.FIVe on this trip.

AMAZ and Lv.FIVe are definitely more the idol type of group, but it was amazing just how united all of the fans were. I guess you could say they're like a more mellow version of male otakus xD Everyone was yelling fan chants, which I had no idea what they were saying haha, but it was fun to just watch anyway. There's artists that I like because they are actually good at singing, and then there's idols, who are usually what I personally consider just decent. But with how much fun all of the fans seemed to be enjoying themselves, I had a lot of fun just watching their performances too.

It was my first time seeing Lv.FIVe, and they are such an adorable group! They have a new member now named Kazutaka, and he looks sooo cool! Though Lv.FIVe are mostly too young for me haha, except for Shunya, who used to be part of AMAZ until he took a hiatus due to his health, kind of like the situation that Hayato is in right now. Shunya kind of helped with the MC for the most part, but these guys are just so funny. And Koei is super adorable! He's just so airheaded, and his voice sounds really cute too, you just wanna squish him. I laughed super hard when they played the "Earphone Gan Gan Game" which is basically like a game of telephone, except they have to blast music in their earphones at max and just read the other person's lips to figure out what the message was. They had Yuto from AMAZ come up with the phrase, which was "AMAZ で一番カッコイイ、ゆーちむ" which means "The coolest one in AMAZ is Yuuchimu (Yuto's nickname)." The first one to answer was Kazutaka, and he was soooo close lol, but he said "The shortest one in AMAZ is Yuuchimu" and Yuto just made this face lol. But the thing is, Kazutaka was facing Ryota, since he had to pass on the phrase haha, so he didn't see Yuto's reaction, and every time Kazutaka turned to face Yuto, Yuto pretended everything was fine lol. Ryota answered with something that I didn't quite understand, and it didn't seem to be something that made sense to anyone else either lol. Shunya was up next, and from reading Ryota's lips, he heard "アマゾンの川でお昼食べない?" (Want to eat lunch at the Amazon river?) And he was saying that to Koei, who still has his earphones on full blast, and Koei is soooo cute xD His answer was "アマゾンでクレープの皮を注文した" which means "I ordered a crepe skin at the Amazon." But turns out he said that because when Shunya kept repeating "Amazon," he pointed towards the crepe store across from the stage for some reason lol. And the last one to answer was Ryo, who is back from his hiatus. His answer was "I peeled a grape in the Amazon" lol. Their reactions were hilarious when Yuto told them what he actually said, and Kazutaka's reaction when he realized he probably offended his sempai xD

AMAZ performed 2nd in both showings, and they were all songs that I knew, but I didn't know any of the chants or the choreography, since I've literally only seen them once last summer haha. But it's been a while since I've listened to AMAZ, since I'm so into MADKID and IVVY right now haha, or rather, I'm STILL into MADKID haha, but IVVY is a new bias among my favorite groups xD

After both showings, there were photo and talk sessions with each group. Basically, at JOL, you can buy tickets beforehand to take a photo with the members. Depending on the group, the price seems to differ, because AMAZ's polaroid ticket cost 1500 yen each, while Lv.FIVe's cost only 1000 yen each. The live itself is free, but the photo you have to pay for. You could buy more than one ticket and take multiple photos, but it seemed like you could only request one specific member. I didn't see anyone else request a group photo, so I didn't want to be the odd one out haha. I went to Lv.FIVe's line first, since their line was shorter, as they're a newer group. I debated on whether I should take a photo with Ryota or Shunya, but since I met Shunya before when he was still a member of AMAZ, I decided to take one with him, since I wasn't able to take one with him last time when I was in Japan. JOL also gives you a bit of time to talk to the member that you like when you take the photo, which is nice. When it was my turn, Shunya was like "Hajimemashite," which is something along the lines of "Nice to meet you," but the word "Hajime" itself literally means like "First time." But I told him, it wasn't our first time meeting, and he was like "Eh!?" at first, but I told him I met them before a year and a half ago and that I'm from America and he remembered! But I look kind of different from a year and a half ago since I chopped off my hair and I have two red highlights too, so Shunya was touching my hair as he said "You didn't have this red in your hair last time!" I was happy he remembered me, and he actually asked in return, "You remember me?" Of course I do, Shunya-kun xD I told him that I was glad that he's back and still continuing music. He said he was really touched that I came to watch them again, and he told me to tweet him the photo on Twitter xD I asked if I could hug him in the photo, and he was okay with it. A hug is probably nothing for him lol, I saw lots of other girls requesting some really lovey dovey poses, so he's probably used to it. But after we finished taking our photo, he said "Arigatou" and pat me on the head xDD

After that, I lined up for AMAZ. I wish I could have talked to the other members too, but at least I got to talk to Hayato. I told him the same thing as I told Shunya about how I saw them about a year and a half ago and that I was from America, and Hayato starts thinking and he's like, "Wait, here at JOL, right?" and I replied "Yes" and that I also did a Kimidake Live Talk with him once, and that really rang a bell. He said he remembered our Kimidake Live chat clearly because when he asked where I was from, I told him San Francisco, and when Hayato exclaimed "San Francisco!?" on the other side, apparently all of the staff were surprised that they got someone from overseas. I told him that I had to come watch today since I wouldn't be in Japan anymore by the time Hayato does his last live as a member of AMAZ, which is on January 20th, and told him to take care of himself. I'm really glad that I got to see him again, and hope to see him pursue music again at some point. I honestly think he's the best singer in the group.

I didn't do a photo for the second session, but I did watch the performance. I almost cried towards the end of the second showing when they started to reflect on how AMAZ started up a year ago, and all the members were getting teary, and Hayato was obviously trying hard not to cry as this is his final time performing at JOL. It was also really awesome how everyone had a blue glowstick with them and turned their penlights to blue, which is Hayato's member color, at the very last song. Also as the members were closing up the MC, they bring out a surprise cake as an early birthday celebration for Hayato, which is on the 27th of January, so he must have felt lots of different emotions all at once, and so did the fans too. It was a really touching live, and I'm glad that I decided to watch both showings, since originally I was only going to watch the first part and go after taking my photos, but I'm glad I stayed. Hopefully Hayato gets better and comes back to pursue a singing career again, but for now, I hope he takes better care of himself.

And this wraps up today's live report! It's lengthy, but hope you guys enjoy these live reports even though they're so long xD I also kind of just write these so I can look back at it and remember all the details of what happened haha. For those who haven't yet, do check out the favorite pages that I've made for AMAZ and Lv.FIVe! Though I need to update them haha, especially since Lv.FIVe now has more members xD Anyway, I'll leave off here for today! 
07 January 2017 @ 09:42 am
Just came back from another live tonight! Today, MADKID was part of an event created by NOA&PEACE called "Dream Match" where groups got together and performed not only their own songs, but there were also collaborations across the artists who participated, so it was interesting and quite a lot of fun.

I totally thought it started at 5 though, so turns out I missed Yuki and Lin's first collaboration performance :( But almost right after we arrived at the venue, it was MADKID's turn to perform. They had a rather early time slot for their performance today. Today's set list included "Get Started,", "konayuki," "This Love," "Where you now," and "Light Up." It's a lot of fun dancing along with them during "Get Started." xD It was also my first time seeing then perform "konayuki" on stage. I love that song a lot, and it's a nice winter song to listen to. They kind of had all slow tempo songs in the middle today haha. But of course, you can't have a MADKID live without "Light Up!"

Since it's the Dream Match event, the members of MADKID also collaborated with other artists as well! You-ta and Kazuki sang a song called "You Are" with an artist named HOMEY. It was my first time seeing HOMEY, but he sings really nice songs, and the collaboration with his voice along with You-ta and Kazuki was just beautiful. "Dream Match" indeed xD

Towards the end was the one who hosted the event, NOA&PEACE, and Noa and Peace each had a different team to collaborate with. First was Peace with BLADe and Yuki, and they sang a song called "LOVE or Aishiteru." I really liked the song, because it explains my feelings towards my favorite artists so much. BLADe was explaining how it may seem like artists are always saying "I love you" lightly all the time, but this song has that message where they represent that "love" as a really pure form of love, although we're not lovers with the artist, and they cannot always be by our side, but they wanted a song where they could also be of support to us, just like the fans are of support for them.

After that, Noa came out with Lin, Liki (from SELLOUT), and Bit (from 1-SHINE). Their performance was a little more goofy, and I couldn't quite catch everything that Noa was saying, but it was kind of like a "let me do whatever I want and leave me alone" kind of song, and the interactions between the members were cute xD Partway through, Lin and Bit were doing kamehameha lol. It was funny because Noa was calling the three of them "some crazy guys" that he met in Shibuya xD It was quite different from the song prior, which was so mellow and pretty xD

Although this live report is focused mainly on the acts that MADKID participated in, I have to say, I enjoyed the whole thing. Of course, there were some artists who were new to me, and some artists that I have started to like since I've seen them a few times in the same events as MADKID, such as SELLOUT and NOA&PEACE, and I always just get reminded how much I love music whenever I come to these lives. People gather to enjoy music and have fun, and the artists are there to give people a good time, so it's a mutual thing. Also through music, we gain so much power, and also meet so many wonderful people. Not just the artists, but also other fans, and it's just so beautiful. One moment that really touched me was when Noa was giving a little speech towards the end, almost in tears talking about how he has died so many times on the inside, and struggled so much, and even almost gave up music at one point, but he's glad that he didn't do that, and told us that there will be times when we have worries, get lost, and feel like crap, but they will always be there with their music. It was a really nice event, and it was lots of fun.

Anyway, today's buppan was really short because the club actually had to open up for their late night business after the event, so I just got to quickly take a few photos. I brought a friend who I've introduced MADKID to, and they were glad that I brought her. She still didn't know everyone's names yet, but MADKID was really nice about it, and we all took a picture together. They asked how we got to know each other haha, so I explained to them haha. My friend was so shy though lol, cuz I guess it was her first time ever coming to a live where you can be so close to an artist. My photo ended up really dark though, so I had them re-take it. The club staff were really rushing people to leave so they could start opening for general business, but thankfully the person who was waiting in line let me just go first. I felt kind of bad though, since my re-take was the last photo taken for the day, but this is another time when I thought MADKID fans are really nice. I really appreciated her letting me go first. I heard Kazuki apologize to her for not being able to take the photo, and I apologized and thanked her too. They were a little busier today, so I didn't get to talk with them as much, but since my friend said You-ta was kind of cool, Kazuki was like, here, you can have him then, so she stood next to You-ta in the photo, and I've realized it since I came here again this year, but Kazuki really treats his fans well. He always makes sure to be next to me in photos, since he knows that I like him best xD Today, he put his hands on my shoulder since he stood behind me in the group photo. Too bad that was the one that turned out looking really dark...I took a solo one with the group for the re-take, since my friend said I should take it solo since this may be the last live where I can request a photo for this trip, so it was nice of her. I think today's buppan didn't even last for half an hour. I originally wanted to take a two shot with each member, but there wasn't time for that. :(

Oh yeah, and I handed them letters again after I took my photo, and like I hear somebody say my name, and it turned out to be Yuki xD He speaks so softly when he's off stage lol, so I thought one of the members was just trying to read my name or something, but he was calling me to say thank you xD I feel like I didn't get the chance to talk to Yuki much this time, but that little moment made me really happy. Today's buppan was kind of rushed though, so I had to move out of the way quickly so other people can take their photos. There's always so much that I want to say to them, but never enough time...

Anyway, that concludes the live report for this time~! I'll be seeing them at Harajuku JOL next on the 13th! And IVVY and SELLOUT will be there too, so yay~!! 
05 January 2017 @ 08:05 am
Kind of late, but Happy New Year everyone~! IVVY's first live of the year at Shibuya Vuenos! They were one of the few artists who were invited to perform at SELLOUT's starring live event. I decided to go today, since I still had the ticket left from last time for the group photo, and I'm so glad I went, even though I was alone lol. I actually don't mind going alone lol, and it seems like there's a few people who do go by themselves anyway haha.

Anyway! Today's live!! Because there were only about...I think 6 artists who performed, each artist got to perform for about 30 minutes each, so that's twice the amount of time that I got to watch IVVY last time. Also, right when I arrived at Vuenos, Hiroto was performing a duet with Shouhei from SELLOUT, and they sounded so nice together! I don't know the name of the song they were singing, but it was a ballad. And it was kind of nice because most of the artists who performed are ones that I have been interested in, like CLOVERxCLOVER, KEN, and of course, the main, SELLOUT.

IVVY's performance was towards the end, and starting today, their new member, TAIYU joins them in their lives!! I actually stood in the very back of the club to see (it's really small, so you get a good view even from the back, unless you're not that tall xD), and I think I enjoyed watching from the back more, since I can see all of the members and the formations and everything clearly. I found that when I was closer to the front last time, I had to look up at the stage, and didn't quite know where to focus. Anyway, seeing them for the second time, it's really hitting me just how cool they are on stage!! If I can remember correctly, they performed "SHOW" when they came out, then "Mirage" (WHY IS THIS SONG NOT AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD, IT'S SO GOOD!!), and they had a short MC segment, introducing themselves, and of course TAIYU. TAIYU is so cute!! But with TAIYU joining, Hiroto is no longer the youngest member haha, the baby of the group is TAIYU now xD After that, they sang "Forever" and ended with "Party Up." I feel like I might have forgotten one more song lol, but these are the titles that I remember.

As I was watching them perform, I couldn't help but just keep looking at Hiroto xD He's soooo cool!! I think he has stolen my heart from Toshiki lol. Toshiki is cute, smiley prince, but Hiroto is just so fab on stage. And not to mention, I really love his kind of husky singing voice. It's pretty hot xD Then there's KENTO.i, the rapper. He's pretty manly but in a different way from Hiroto haha. The impression I have of KENTO.i is a very playful and wild kind of character, and also, he's always the one that gets teased in the group lol. Yu-ta is just very mellow and chill, but he goes all out when he's on stage. Taiyu is still pretty new, and you could tell he was a little nervous, but he's so cute and adorable!! He's the type that I would want to adopt as a little brother xD

I went to their buppan (for those who don't know, "buppan" literally means "selling goods") after the live was over, and lined up for IVVY goods. I took a two-shot with Hiroto and Toshiki and they remembered me from the year end party live!! I'm so happy!! I was a bit worried, since Hiroto looked really tired, but he was super nice and I got to talk to him a lot today. And I have to say, IVVY just does a lot of skinship with their fans lol xD Or maybe that's just Hiroto and Toshiki lol, I feel like they know how to charm the ladies xD But I think Hiroto has got me falling for him hard lol. He asked me when I would be going back to America, and I told him that I'm leaving on the 16th, and Hiroto was like "You're not allowed to leave." And my heart is just like "kyaa~~!!" xD I totally didn't expect that coming lol. And like the whole entire time that he's talking to me, he has his hand on my back and it's just fddakl;jfa. Like, dude, I already don't even want to think about leaving yet, but with Hiroto saying that to me, makes me wanna not leave even more xD He said "寂しくなるね" which means like "It's going to be lonely." So I was like, yeah, it's gonna be a long distance relationship xD And the way he smiles, omg, his smile is so cute!! I mean, Toshiki is always smiling, but there's something really charming about Hiroto's smile that you just won't be able to resist. I took my photo with Toshiki after, and he thanked me for coming again. I honestly don't remember much about my interaction with Toshiki today because of Hiroto lol. I had to wait a while because just like last time, they have people take two-shots first, and then line up again towards the last 15 minutes of buppan time to take the group photo. Thankfully there was time, so I got to take the group photo today. After taking the group photo, Hiroto kept saying "You're not going back to America, right?" with that cute smile of his, and I couldn't help but just reply "I wanna stay forever!" xD I swear, you guys have to meet Hiroto to find out just how charming he is. I'm telling you, you won't be able to resist lol.

I really wish I could post up the photos that we took, but they don't allow them to be shared publicly on social media, so I have to leave it at just a lengthy report, but hope you guys enjoy reading it!! And sorry for some key smashing lol. But do check out IVVY!! And I was too charmed by Hiroto to remember to tell them that their music isn't available worldwide...but I'll see them again on the 13th at Harajuku JOL along with MADKID, so I'll try to remember to tell them then!! xD Anyway, I'll end my report here!
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29 December 2016 @ 09:16 am
Went to the year end party live at Shibuya Vuenos today!! Second day in a row seeing MADKID!! The place was really crowded today though, but a friend that I met via Twitter said that usually it's not like how it was today, but there were a lot of popular acts in today's line-up, so it was pretty packed today.

Today's MADKID performance was pretty good as well!! Their costumes were super shiny today haha. Today they performed "Get Started," "CHANGE," "cry," "Where you now," and "Light Up." It was nice since they performed a lot of songs from their first album. I didn't get to watch from the very front today though lol, cuz it was so packed, couldn't really move haha, but i was still at a good spot in the center to see.

And right after MADKID performed was IVVY!! I had been interested in them and been following them for a while on social media, and they're all so pretty in person!! And they all are really tall lol, just like their profiles say, 180cm and up xD I loved all of the songs that they performed, although there were two that were new to me. I'm glad they did a "dance lesson" video on Youtube lol, cuz I was able to follow along just fine haha. And I can't wait to get to see them again on January 5th, and plus, they will have their new member TAIYU join them starting on the 5th, so I can't wait!

There were so many people that after the live, when buppan was taking place, no one could even tell where all of the lines were for each artist lol. But I happened to be right where MADKID would be setting up haha, so I stayed there, but my friend went to the bathroom, so I was going to just wait for her before lining up, but since I was so nearby, the members saw me, and told the staff that I was there for them lol, so I went ahead to retake the failed photo from last night first.

After that, I went to IVVY's and oh my gosh, those guys are popular lol. When taking photos with them, you buy these little tickets for each individual member, or group shot. I managed to get a two shot with Hiroto and Toshiki, but there were so many people, that we didn't get to do the group photo. I kept my ticket though, since I plan to go again on the 5th. Hiroto and Toshiki were super nice. The cool thing about these lives is that the artists remember faces, so they knew it was my first time. I first took a photo with Hiroto and he was like "Hajimemashite" (Nice to meet you), and I told him I came from America, and he was so surprised. I told him how I came to watch MADKID, but I had been interested in IVVY for a long time. He asked me if I was Japanese, but I was like, nope and he told me that I seem very Japanese haha. I get told that a lot, Hiroto-kun xD After that, Toshiki was free, so I was able to take my two shot with him, and he's soooo cute!! His smile is just gorgeous! He's an angel! I told him the same thing as I told Hiroto, about how I'm from the US, and he asked my name, but I guess my name was hard for him to say, so I told him to just call me Karu-chan haha. They told me to come back later for the group shot, since lots of people wanted to do individual photos, but that lasted until the club had to close, and they kinda were kicking everyone out, so people either kept their tickets for the next live, or went to get their money back.

I went to back to MADKID while I was waiting for the group photo with IVVY though, cuz I wanted to take a group photo with my friend, and I also had to give them the chocolates that I got for them. I wanted to take a two shot with Kazuki too, so I went back in line with my friend. They knew my friend pretty well too, and when we took the photo together, they said "Wow, we're so happy with this grouping." After that, I handed the the chocolates, and You-ta was like "Oh, a super early Valentine's" xD Yes, two months in advance, sir xD I gave them some Ferraro Rocher, and some Ghiradhelli and T-cho chocolates, which are from San Francisco, and Lin got excited and exclaimed "San Francisco!" He started saying how he wants to do a live there, so of course I'm like, yes!! Come to America!! Lin said he wanted to do a street performance in San Francisco haha, so I told him how there's lots of people who perform on the streets in the downtown area. I mentioned J-Pop Summit, and You-ta said, "That's the event that Yanakiku were in!" And I love Yanakiku, and I think MADKID has met them before in some other event, so they know each other. I'm hoping one day, they will get invited to perform at J-Pop Summit. It would be a dream come true for not just them, but for me too <33 I told them about how I will be bringing a friend who is new to MADKID next time, and they were really happy about it. I'm so glad I got to talk to them a lot today, despite it being super crowded lol.

I didn't get to hang out by MADKID's table until the staff kicked us out lol, because I was waiting for IVVY, and though I didn't get to take the group photo today, I happened to kinda see MADKID leaving, and my eyes met with them as they were in the elevator, and You-ta waved, so I waved back to them. Made me super happy. I keep saying that, but this is just such a precious day. I don't get to see them much, but each and every one of these moments are precious <3

And that's all for today's live "report" xD It's more like just for me to remember the moment while it's fresh in my mind and look back on it haha <3
28 December 2016 @ 04:54 am
hey everyone! it's been such a long time since i last posted lol, but i'm in Japan again! it's my first time in Japan during the winter time, but it's actually not that much different from back home haha. anyway, i just arrived yesterday, but today, MADKID was in a live event, so of course, i went to go see them! :D i went all by myself today lol, but it was fun xD the live today took place at a club called Shibuya Eggman, located near the NHK building in Shibuya. the place reminded me of Shibuya GAME, but it had more space, and also maybe because it was a weekday, it wasn't that crowded either, so it was easy for me to move around. but just like i mentioned last year, these lives are awesome because people make room for you to go up to the front to watch your favorite artist. MADKID definitely has gotten pretty popular though, i noticed a bunch of girls move up to the front when it was their turn to perform haha. though there weren't too many there. i think a lot of people happened to be busy today though, cuz i was asking some Twitter friends if they would be able to go, but most of them couldn't make it because they have work and whatnot.

performance-wise, they definitely have become much stronger performers since the last time i saw them a year and a half ago. they really have worked really hard, and achieved a dream of theirs to have their own one man live, and release their first album, so of course they have powered up a lot more. they started off with a remastered version of "I Don't Care," and then went in with "HYPE". i was super happy they performed "Stay With Me" today, because that's my favorite new song on the album <33 they also performed "Going Around" from their album, and then ended with "Light Up." during the performance, i didn't notice until partway through that there were only three mikes. and there's 4 members. but the reason why i didn't notice that was because Yuki and Kazuki did a super good job sharing one mic and passing it to each other in the middle of dance steps whenever they passed each other. it was just so subtle, but they must have coordinated all of that when they rehearsed, and it went so smoothly!

i don't know if it's because it had been such a long time, but i felt slightly nervous seeing them today haha xD like i was going really doki doki right before they came out xD but i was okay when they did buppan, where they sell goods. i got to talk to all of the members this time, and i kinda ran into them right before they were about to set up and waved to You-ta, and he stopped and he was like "Oh, long time no see." Kazuki had already seen me, cuz i waved to him when they came out, and he waved back haha. and Kazuki asked me if i will also be going to tomorrow's live at Vuenos, which, of course i am xD so i kinda hung out as they set up their table, and when they were done, nobody went up even though they said they started buppan, so i was like, "okay, i'm gonna go then" xD so i got their bandana, towel, and took a polaroid with them. i wanted to do a chain with the MADKID pose, but they had no staff today, just the members themselves, so You-ta took a selfie polaroid with all of us, and it wasn't quite possible lol, so they said, "let's take it again tomorrow" xD also, i felt like today, Lin actually talked to me more haha. he helped me out with the goods, and also came to check up on the polaroids to make sure they didn't come out too dark. he seemed so much more approachable today compared to when i first met them, so i'm glad i got to interact with him more today. i think the one i didn't get to talk to as much today was Yuki, but he kept saying "Arigatou" so many times. all of them did actually haha. but i'll be seeing them again tomorrow, so i'm excited! it's actually a good thing i'll be seeing them again tomorrow lol, cuz i totally forgot to bring the souvenirs and letters that i wrote for them xD

aside from MADKID, i also got to see Noa&Peace on stage again, and they're fun. i also got to see WAVE for the first time. they're an artist that i had been interested in for a while, but i have no idea where you can access their music, but i've been following the members on Instagram, and sometimes Yasu posts up 30 second covers on there and he sounds so good!! but i didn't stay to wait for them to do buppan, i kinda forgot about it after watching MADKID lol xD but oh!! tomorrow, i'll get to see MADKID and IVVY!! i've recently been really loving IVVY, so i'm gonna go try to catch their buppan tomorrow too!! i especially want to meet Hiroto and Toshiki xD anyway, i'm excited for tomorrow's Vuenos!! <3 
30 December 2015 @ 10:57 pm
hey guys~! Casey did a twitcast today, and unfortunately when i realized it, he had already been livestreaming for 15 minutes, but he ended up doing the twticast for an hour, so i'm just gonna go through the comments to refresh my memory and try to summarize what he talked about. though i say "summary" it may end up kind of long haha.

so by the time i tuned in, Casey was talking about how he wears some really bulky kinda accessories while he's in Japan, but for some reason, when he's in America, he doesn't wear them.

he also talked about how he thought he would be speaking too much English while there, so he has one volume of Mirai Nikki with him to read so that he doesn't forget his Japanese lol.

and i asked him if he went rock climbing this time, but he said he didn't go. and then he started talking about fishing, and he caught an eel from the river in his back yard!? or was it lake...i don't remember lol, maybe a lake lol, not sure xD but yeah, he caught an eel, but in the end, he let it go, because apparently he's the type that doesn't eat any of the things that he caught. and he said that there's also apparently crocodiles in the lake too, but he's never actually seen one.

and then he was showing us this bandana from a band that he likes, and he likes to tie that onto his suitcase so that it doesn't get mixed up with similar suitcases when he travels. kind of a smart idea haha, but i would be sad if i lost a good that i bought at a live xD unless i had spare ones haha.

he talked about the year end, and how he doesn't get to eat the year end "toshikoshi soba" cuz he's not in Japan, and how he won't get to watch Kouhaku. he said he had planned on going to New York until January 3rd, but he couldn't get flight tickets because they're really expensive right now.

then, someone asked him if the girl in his instagram is his younger sister, and he said that she was. she looks sooo different from him though! his sister looks a lot more Asian, and i wouldn't have been able to tell that they were siblings if he didn't say so.

and then an overseas fan asked him in English if it was true that he was making a song with Taiga, and Casey answered back in English "Did he tell you? I can't say..." so he didn't really answer the question lol. but i do remember a while back when he said he was making a song with someone, so, who knows~. Casey likes to be kinda mysterious sometimes lol.

a Japanese fan also asked him if he still hangs out with his friends who are Jrs, and he said he still sees a lot of them, so that's good to know that the friendships made there are still real even if some go off to different paths :)

and then he talked about his YouTube channel a bit about how he's planning on maybe doing English lessons on there, and he asked everyone what kind of English they would like to be taught. so i commented that he should teach overseas fans Japanese too xD and he said that would be interesting also, if there's enough people who would subscribe and watch, and he said if possible, he would love to do meetups with people overseas someday, which would be awesome if he does do one!

and then he started talking about Koinaka, and how he wanted to go to the place where the drama took place xD he's so interesting haha, he loves rock music, and then you find him watching some romance dramas lol. or maybe he just likes watching Getsu9 dramas haha.

then someone asked him to do hide and seek again haha, and he was saying he wants to play in all kinds of places haha. and then he was like "I should do it in Disneyland! Though the people there might get mad at me" lol. and fans were mentioning different places he should go to, so i was like, you should just play hide and seek all around the world xD and he's like "I want to" xD

then he mentioned about how he wanted to do a collaboration CAS with the fans, but he doesn't know how he would do it. i mentioned how he should do something like Kimidake Live where it's the artist being one on one with the fan, and he talked about how they haven't done one of those in a while. but it would be so awesome if he would do a CAS collaboration with one lucky fan :D

he talked about presents that he gave to people for Christmas. he said he gave his sister something from Pandora, and all the Japanese fans were asking what Pandora is, since they obviously don't have that in Japan, and Casey was explaining that it's basically an accessory shop.

and then he talked about how he's turning 21 next month, and he mentioned that he has dual citizenship right now, and he showed us both of his passports, but he has to pick one soon.

and then, someone asked him "What is the age limit for someone that you would date?" and Casey said he has no interest in romance and all this time, he's focused his life on his work in the music industry, so he didn't give an answer to that xD

then he was talking about school so i got confused cuz i thought he went to school in Japan, and i asked him if he went to college both in Japan and in America, but he said he goes to an American college, so...i'm so confused haha.

and then i asked him what his New Year's resolution was, cuz it was heading towards the end of his livecast, and he asked people to ask him some final questions, and he said he doesn't really have one, he just wants to enjoy 2016 and have fun, which is a good answer haha. that's basically what my New Year's resolution had been for the past year xD and i asked this question in English, so he answered in English, and for once i noticed that Casey does have a subtle accent in his English haha. maybe he got too used to Japan haha, and speaking English is just kinda weird for him sometimes.

someone also asked if he would hate it when people call him "An-chan", but he said it's totally fine to call him that, and call him whatever nickname they like (as long as they're not rude names lol).

and that's about all that i can remember from going through the comments haha, and this is really long, but you really do get to know a lot more about him xD i'm lucky he's in the states right now, but it'll probably be hard when he goes back to Japan and do twitcasts there cuz there will be the time gap ;__; but it's okay haha, i had fun tuning in today xD
26 December 2015 @ 10:45 pm
*cross-posted to my community, but since that's locked, i'm posting here as well xD*

hey everyone! it's been long overdue lol, i have been wanting to do this haha, but finally getting to it now haha, so let's get straight to the point! this post will introduce the members of MADKID! the basic info is taken from their homepage, and the rest is my impressions of them after meeting them after going to their live :)


MADKID is a 5 member dance and vocal unit consisting of two rappers (LIN and YUKI), and 3 vocalists (CASEY, YOU-TA, KAZUKI). They are dance group unlike any other, boldly incorporating elements from the new wave of trap music and glitch hop genres, creating a new form of music.

They create a completely new sound experience that is able to attract an audience in an instant. Not only do they have unique musicianship, their syncronization rate when dancing is extremely high as well, and they continue to awe audiences with their performances during lives.

CASEY's powerful performance, rappers LIN and YUKI's great skill, YOU-TA and KAZUKI's beautiful harmony, it could be said that all who come across it will have an all new type of experience.

Among the industry, they are thought of quite highly, and it can be said that they are a dance and vocal group that draws a lot of attention at the moment.

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19 December 2015 @ 05:43 am
omgomgomg, i just got to do a one on one Skype chat with Hayato from AMAZ through Kimidake Live~~!! that app is soooo cool~!! who thought of using Skype that way haha. i mean obviously it's geared towards Japanese fans, but i think it's always a surprise for them when they know they have overseas fans lol. i started an account on Kimidake Live originally cuz i wanted to see MADKID even when i'm far away haha, but i didn't get a hit for the virtual ticket since i was just starting out and i was just doing the normal ballot, and i didn't know about the premium tickets.

but anyway, with Hayato's though, each member of AMAZ is doing talk live with individual fans and writing them Christmas postcards. it's so cool!

he saw all the posters on my wall though haha, and that was the first thing he commented on, about how decorated my wall is lol. and he asked my name, and i told him that i was from overseas and that it was 4AM here haha. and he was like 4AM!? and he asked me where i was from, and i said California, and he didn't know what country California is lol. and i told him America xD and he was like that's so cool, i wish i could say that xD something about Japanese people and thinking America is awesome haha. and he kept saying how good my Japanese was and asked if i studied it on my own. and since i was from America, he said he wants to say something in English haha, so he did the simplest self intro lol, and he said "My name is Hayato Tanuichi. I'm from Hokkaido." xD so cute lol. and then at the end, he asked if there was anything i wanted him to write on the Christmas card, but i didn't think about that at all haha, but i think i would be happy with anything he writes in there, so i told him he could write whatever message he feels like haha. i dunno how he keeps track of the fans, but hopefully he remembers i'm the one who woke up at 4AM to talk to him from America lol. but he did put down my name on the postcard, and i have to thank Hakucchan for letting me use her address. can't wait to get it~! hope it gets to her place safely at least xD it'll be way past Christmas by the time it gets to me though lol, but that's okay xD

ah~~, i was just sleepy an hour ago and now i'm just wide awake and happy haha~. this is the cool thing with smaller artists under indies labels :3 they're more in touch with their fans. hopefully i'll get to see AMAZ again next time i go. but i'm gonna be sad though, because Shunya is leaving the group for personal reasons :( he was super nice, but he had to go on a work break for a bit, and i guess things weren't working out, so he decided to leave the group, so AMAZ will become only 5 members ;__; but i'm glad i got to talk to him when i went to Japan.

hopefully they'll do something like this again~~! :D now i shall try to go back to sleep lol, but it's almost 6AM now, so...xD but at least it's a weekend haha. 
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