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14 January 2017 @ 05:45 am
Another live report for today~! I went to JOL again and today was awesome because not only was MADKID there, but I also like SELLOUT and IVVY quite a bit, so I had lots of fun!

Something that I learned from a friend was that whenever there are live events at JOL and you want to sit in the priority seats in the front, you have to make a purchase of 500 yen and up at the JOL food court. You then tell the vendor that you're going to participate in the event and ask them for a stamp. When the register for purchasing photo tickets open, you give them the receipt and they'll give you a number randomly. When the show starts, there will be a staff member who calls the numbers in order, and that is the order that you go in the priority area. Once you're in, you're free to sit in any seat that you like. Only thing is that you're not allowed to save seats for friends, so you may not be able to sit together, but if people are nice enough, they may be willing to switch seats with you when it is your favorite group.

I met some IVVY fans who were nice enough and let me sit in the front for MADKID's performance, and I switched when it was IVVY's turn. Even in the second row, they were so up close lol. But MADKID I watched straight from the front. They're literally right in your face when they stand at the front of the stage, because JOL's stage is very small. When we were doing the back and forth dance for "Get Started", You-ta was standing right in front of us xD I met eyes with Yuki a few times but he's so cute I couldn't look him in the eyes for long xD It was interesting and very intimate from the priority seat area haha. Though I guess I'm still the type of person who prefers to watch a little further away so I can enjoy the full dance formation, but since this will be my last live seeing MADKID during this trip, I decided to watch from the front. I mean I still see them again in tomorrow's signing event, but there's no space for them to do an in store live at the Shinjuku Tower Records, so in terms of lives, for this trip, it's the last one ;__;

After MADKID was SELLOUT!! I haven't introduced them before but I've actually been following the members in Twitter since the summer of 2015 after I saw them at the same live event that MADKID was in. I didn't pay too much attention to them before, but they were in about 3 lives with either MADKID or IVVY, and I really love their songs! It's just too bad they haven't actually released any of the songs for purchase yet, and I don't know the titles of any of their songs, though I started to recognize them and even remembered parts of the choreography lol. But I have to say, SELLOUT fans are amazing lol, every live I go to, they do the whole choreography. And I'm not saying just hand movements, they legit do the dances lol. Though it was more toned down today since JOL doesn't have a lot of space haha xD I hope they release things for download one day!!

IVVY was the last group to perform, and I tried to watch everyone, but Hiroto stole all the attention from me lol. I mean I watched Toshiki partially whenever he stood on my side of the stage, but for the most part I just ended up staring at Hiroto xD Not only do I love his voice, but he's also a powerful dancer as well, so I just couldn't look away. He's so cool!!! I have to say, IVVY as a group really is well rounded though. They're all powerful performers, and beautiful voices, as well as beautiful visuals too.

After each group finished performing, it was buppan time, which for JOL is just polaroids. I thought it was going to be really crowded since all three groups are rather popular, and it's a Friday night but I forget that having work and school on a Saturday is normal in Japan haha. But it was nice because you get more time to talk to the members. Buppan at Vuenos was chaotic so I didn't get to go around to other groups besides MADKID and IVVY and I had been wanting to take one with SELLOUT, so I got photos with all three groups xD

The lines weren't all that bad either. I was afraid that we would run out of fine, so I quickly took one with SELLOUT and then went to MADKID's line because I wouldn't be as sad if I missed IVVY's compared to MADKID lol, so I went to their line after. When it was my turn with them, they complimented how my outfit suited me today xD I was wearing a denim overall dress with a pink sweater under and they said it suited me, and said I looked like Shizuka-chan from Doraemon xD But I was happy because it's the first time MADKID ever complimented me haha. I also gave them a month early Valentine's gift, which were these cute little macaroons shaped like animals that I saw while walking in Harajuku. I gave each member a different animal based on what I thought suited them. Lin-kun got a frog, since he loves frogs, and You-ta's was a bear, Kazuki got the panda, and Yuki got the dog. I told Yuki that he seems kind of like a puppy, so that's why he gets the dog shaped macaroon and he was like "I get told that sometimes" xD I wanted to talk to them more but I felt bad for making my friend wait her turn, even though she didn't mind, but it felt like their manager kinda wanted to rush to the next person so I moved out of the way.

Finally I went to IVVY's and turns out that even at JOL, IVVY's system for taking photos is the same as usual, two shots first and then come back towards the end for the group shot. I bought only two IVVY photo tickets at first but after taking two shots with Hiroto and Toshiki, I went to buy one more since I wanted a group shot too. Hiroto and Toshiki called me "Karu-chan" when they saw me, which made me happy that they remember my name~! :D Hiroto kept asking me, "When are you going to come back again?" And I told him, at the very least, one year, and he told me not to forget about them. What in the world would even make you think that I would forget you, Hiroto? xD I asked to do a pinky promise pose with him as like a promise that I'll come see them again, and ugh just having to stare into his eyes as we took the photo just made my heart skip beats xD After that was Toshiki's turn, and he told me that he read my letter, which made me happy, but I kind of forgot what exactly I wrote xD He was super nice though, and I was able to just give him a hug for our photo haha. I didn't get as nervous as with Hiroto xD They're both so cute though!! I waited in line again for the group photo after and when we were done, Toshiki and Hiroto were like, "Please come watch us again!" Yes, it's a promise!

And we kind of hung out until all the groups left. It was fun today since I loved all the groups today xD and that concluded today's live report!!