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15 January 2017 @ 03:49 am
IVVY & SELLOUT Joint Fan Meeting  
Okay, so I totally wasn't expecting to be able to go to this event today, since it was one where you have to make a reservation before going, but I happened to make a new friend yesterday who had an extra reservation and invited me to go! I'm seriously such a lucky person to be meeting all of these wonderful people!

Anyway, today's live was at Yoani Station, and it was a pretty nice venue. It's an actual live venue, not like a clubhouse. The stage wasn't up that high, but it was a very long stage horizontally. The way it worked was that you go about half an hour early to grab a number, and that's the order you line up to go in. It's total lottery, so you better hope your friends also have good numbers xD But they only pass out numbers until #30, and everyone after that who didn't make it in time for the drawing goes in by the order that they line up in. For this particular event though, those who came later got their own number since those numbers were used for a lottery for prizes at the event. Luckily, the number that I drew happened to be right after the friend who invited me to go, so we got to go together.

The live today was a lot of fun, and we got to see a lot of all three artists. It was IVVY and SELLOUT's joint fan meeting, but they also had CloverXClover guest for them. SELLOUT performed first, and I'm seriously starting to like them a lot! Their songs get stuck in my head afterwards lol. Only problem is, they don't have a YouTube channel nor have they released anything on iTunes!! I'm so upset lol, since I want to be able to pop those songs into my phone and just listen to them any time I like xD I really think SELLOUT would do very well. It's hard for me to describe how talented they are and show you guys though, since they aren't taking advantage of social media besides Twitter 😑😑 I enjoyed following along to the dances of their songs though lol, I've seen them enough times to remember some of the simple hand movements 😂😂 But really though, everyone should see SELLOUT at least once. They have a really unique sound of their own as well, I can't exactly label their music as a single genre. And above all else, their three main vocalists, Shohei, Neo, and Liki are super talented, while Shun and Tatsuya are great dancers.

After SELLOUT, it was IVVY's turn to perform. We picked seats in the second row right in front of the center of the stage, so I was totally at a place where I would be spotted lol. I totally met eyes with Hiroto as he was singing,l, and I stared right back, so I'm sure he saw me haha, but turns out he was confused because I told him that yesterday would be my last time seeing IVVY during this trip haha. There was also this one part when they sing "Forever" and for the hand movements, you draw a heart in the air and then point to the front. Toshiki was at the center of the stage and he totally saw me, so I stared back and we drew the heart at each other😆💕

The last group to perform was CloverXClover, who was a guest group at this event, but I honestly think they could've just made it a joint fanmeet for all three groups lol. CloverXClover's really good as well, and I think they have a little bit of their music on YouTube, but their iTunes releases aren't available overseas😭😭

After the performances, all three groups played a game. Basically, they were divided into three teams mixed with members from all three groups. They were divided into Team Shikkari, which is the team of members who usually has everything together. In that team was Yuta (IVVY), Tatsuki (SELLOUT), Liki (SELLOUT), and Keita (CloverXClover). Team Chuukan is like the group in the middle who isn't exactly very perfectionist, but not totally airheaded either, and in that team was Hiroto (IVVY), Taiyu (IVVY), Neo (SELLOUT), Kai (CloverXClover), and Reon (CloverXClover). And the last team was Team Yabai, the airheaded group, which consisted of Toshiki (IVVY), Kento.i (IVVY), Shohei (SELLOUT), Shun (SELLOUT), and Neeeeeta (CloverXClover). One group at a time goes up, and one of the MCs, who are comedians gives one of the members a painful foot massage. The rest has to pretend they're getting one also, and the other two teams have to guess who is actually the one getting the foot massage. There were I think about 5 rounds of the game, and I can't exactly remember the order everything happened in, but I was surprised with Toshiki!! Team Yabai all went for minimal reaction and I totally didn't think Toshiki was getting the foot massage, so he fooled everyone! Some of them are very good actors lol. In the end the team with the least points had a punishment, which was to drink this super sour juice, and Team Chuukan lost. It wasn't all that exciting lol, but the next game after that had something bigger at stake xD

The next game was a game where they split into two teams, and each member has 7 seconds each to pick up as many beans as they could with chopsticks. The losing team has to crossdress in clothing that they like on girls and walk around town in the outfit, and they have to go shop for the clothing by themselves too. I don't know if they were serious about it though lol, but the losing team has to do that in the future, but too bad I won't see them for a while haha, it would be interesting to see lol, especially since a lot of them are so tall, like is there even gonna be any ladies clothes that'll fit them? xD the team's changed up a bit since it became just two games and I can't remember everyone who was on the losing team haha, but it was a pretty intense battle xD

The game segment was pretty fun, and after that, each group did buppan. There weren't as many people today, so it wasn't crowded, which was nice since we were able to take our time for our polaroids. I went to CloverXClover with my friend since she wanted to introduce me to them, and I took a photo with Kai, and he's pretty nice. I also just really like his voice xD after that we went to SELLOUT. We took a group photo together, and I got a solo one with Neo. I love Neo's voice, and also, I think he resembles Johnny's Jr. Hirano Sho a lot xD didn't really get to talk to SELLOUT though haha. We went to IVVY after that, and my friend still had the group photo ticket from the year end party live, but she was afraid of being among the younger fans since some of them can be kind of mean, so I went with her. And when it was our turn, Hiroto grabs my shoulders and said "Why are you here!?I thought I won't get to see you again!" So I jokingly replied, "I wanted to surprise you." And Hiroto was like, "Yeah, I'm surprised! I thought it might've been someone else who looked like you!" xD But I explained to him about my friend having an extra reservation and invited me to go with her, and Hiroto was so happy and said thank you to her for bringing me today xD I didn't really have any request in mind today, so I just let Hiroto take over and he hugged me from behind 😆💕 Ah~, he really has stolen my heart, crushing on him so hard lol. I took one with Toshiki after that, and Toshiki was like, "Haven't seen you since yesterday" xD I told both of them yesterday that it would be at least a year before I could see them again lol. I was honestly happier with Hiroto's reaction though, Toshiki was a little more calm haha, but that's his personality. Hiroto is slightly more childish haha, but that makes him even cuter xD As usual though, for group pics, you have to wait til towards the end, but today wasn't very rushed like at the other venues, which was good. Hiroto and Toshiki both know that I like them best lol, so I always go in between both of them xD My first group one came out blurry, so I asked for a retake, and usually they will do a retake for you for free. I apologized for having to bother them again, but Hiroto and Toshiki were both like "It's not your fault, Karu-chan." And I think something was wrong with that particular camera because it came out blurry again, and the manager came to check our photos and he said "Let's use a different camera," since they have more than one Polaroid camera so the members who aren't taking photos at the moment can also help with taking photos for other members. So I had to go up three times for the group shot, but Hiroto was like "It's okay, it's a bargain, because god knows it's your last day for a while and is giving us this extra time." Which I think he was right haha😆💕 After switching the camera, I finally got one that came our clear, but I definitely appreciated that extra time with IVVY 💕

And that concludes my report for today's live!
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